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MKU Aligns Itself With New Curriculum in Preparation For CBC Students

MKU Aligns Itself With New Curriculum in Preparation For CBC Students

Mt. Kenya University Chairman, Professor Simon Gicharu, has praised the university’s council and management for their efforts in improving access to quality education in the post-Covid-19 era.

Gicharu stated that the university has implemented strategies to align its academic curriculum with the CBC requirements in preparation for receiving CBC students in the near future.

He also mentioned that the Board of Directors are dedicated to ensuring that the university receives infrastructural development in order to increase access to tertiary education.

The university recently held its annual strategic directors’ workshop, which was themed “unleashing campuses and ODeL centres full potential for optimal performance.”

The three-day workshop was held in Nakuru and was attended by the University Council Chairman, Professor Serem, and the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Deo Jaganyi.

The participants, who were drawn from MKU’s local and regional campuses, reflected on the university’s strategic direction as it continues to offer high-quality university education through its robust network of campuses and vibrant online learning supported by modern ICT technologies and well-equipped ODeL centres.

The higher education sector is set for a paradigm shift in their operations in order to remain relevant and sustainable in the competitive and highly globalized environment.

The University has also established the Equip Africa Institute and Equip Africa College of Medical and Health Sciences as the TVET arm to create the much-needed skilled manpower in Technical and Vocational training.

Professor Serem made a call to ensure that universities continue to improve their service delivery to promote highly qualified graduates that are ready for the world of work and self-employment.

He stated that this will only be possible if quality inputs in terms of qualified students, motivated human capital, and academic resources are put in place and optimally utilized.

Professor Jaganyi said, “Institutions of higher learning will be the driver of the transformation of national and regional economies through the provision of teaching, research, and community outreach services.”

MKU has continued to enhance quality assurance in its processes. In November of last year, the university successfully went through a Regular Institutional Quality Audit carried out by the Commission for University Education (CUE).

The exit report commended the university’s commitment to compliance of quality standards and impressive progress in service delivery.

In his part, the Principal Coordination of Campuses, Data Governance, and Quality Management, Dr. Mwirigi, called on campus directors to carry out the university’s operations ethically and add value to the students who pass through their hands.

He emphasized that each campus will be a Centre of Excellence to ensure that the graduates will be highly sought in the labor market.

MKU Aligns Itself With New Curriculum in Preparation For CBC Students


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