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Ministry Announces New Test for Junior Secondary School Students; Details

Ministry Announces New Test for Junior Secondary School Students; Details

On Tuesday, January 24th, the Ministry of Education introduced a new national assessment test for students in Junior Secondary School (JSS) who are transitioning to Senior Secondary School (SSS).

The test, called the Kenya Junior Secondary Education Assessment (KJSEA), will be given at the end of Grade 9 and will result in a certification or transitional report.

For students with special needs, the assessment is called the Kenya Pre-Vocational Level Education Assessment (KPLEA).

Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu has announced that at the Junior Secondary School (JSS) and pre-vocational level, students will be assessed both during their course of study and at the end of their JSS curriculum.

The assessments will include both formative and summative assessments. The formative assessments, known as School Based Assessments (SBA), will be offered throughout the course of the students’ studies, while the summative assessments will take the form of national assessments.

The results from both types of assessments will be used to determine the final reporting at the end of Grade 9, with the ratio to be determined by the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC).

KNEC will also provide guidelines for the standardised SBA for students in Grades 7, 8 and 9.

This means that teachers will score the students’ work in all subjects using the scoring guides provided by KNEC and provide immediate feedback to the students at the school level.

The scores for each student will be uploaded to the KNEC Assessment portal at the end of each year.

After analyzing the SBA for each grade, KNEC will produce a thorough national report detailing the students’ national performance as well as their performance in each topic.

CS Machogu emphasized the importance of the research in highlighting intervention-required areas and providing specific recommendations to education stakeholders.

At the conclusion of ninth grade, KNEC will administer a nationwide summative examination in which each student’s SBA and summative assessment results will be merged to get a final score.

The outcomes will subsequently be used to influence the placement of students in the various SSS pathways.

The Ministry instructed all Heads of Junior Secondary Schools to ensure that all Grade 6 Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) test takers from respective institutions are registered and allocated an assessment number.

In addition, Pre-Vocational applicants must demonstrate that they passed the Kenya Intermediate Level Education Assessment (KILEA) at the Intermediate level.

KNEC will implement four-level performance criteria for JSS pupils, with Level 1 representing the lowest performance and Level 4 being the highest.

Level 3 will be the highest performance rating for students with exceptional needs.

English, Kiswahili, Mathematics, Integrated Science, Health Education, Pre-Technical and Pre-career Education, Social Studies, and Religious Education are the core subjects to be evaluated.

Ministry Announces New Test for Junior Secondary School Students; Details


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