Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Ministry Abolishes Boarding Primary Schools

Ministry Abolishes Boarding Primary Schools

On Tuesday, December 6, the Principal Secretary of Basic Education, Dr. Belio Kipsang, revealed plans to eliminate the boarding system from Grade 1 through Grade 9.

The plan to eliminate primary school boarding institutions is in an advanced stage and will be implemented in early 2023, according to PS Belio.

If adopted, it is predicted that at least 28 percent of students in primary boarding schools will be required to shift to day schools.

“We must create a way in which we can be with our children and the only way is through day schooling,” Dr. Kipsang noted.

Dr. Kipsang disclosed that the decision was made by the Kenya Kwanza administration to aid in the development of youngsters under the care of their parents.
During the official opening of the Kenya Primary School Heads Association Conference in Mombasa, the Education Minister of State spoke.

In addition, he emphasized the necessity for the government to eliminate secondary school categorisation as part of the reforms that will assist streamline the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).

The Presidential Working Group on Education Reform suggested that Junior Secondary Schools (JSS) should be housed in existing primary schools.

The task group also requested that the Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) for Grade 6 not be utilized for placement in JSS.

According to the team led by Professor Raphael Munavu, the test should be used to monitor learning progress and provide feedback to education stakeholders on areas requiring attention.

Since then, elementary school principals have been tasked with determining the number of students that may be accommodated at their particular institutions.
In addition, the government is currently constructing additional classrooms and laboratories in each elementary school.

The development of laboratories is a top priority for the next year, affirmed PS Belio.

In addition, he urged Kenyans to be patient as the government works to improve infrastructure.

The government has also increased the number of students who benefit from school nutrition programs and increased the allocation of the Free Primary Education National Fund in an effort to cover learners’ non-tuition expenses.

Ministry Abolishes Boarding Primary Schools.


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