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Ministries of Health and Education in advanced discussions over the mass resumption of learning

The Ministries of Education and Health are in advanced conversations over the mass resumption of schools learning amidst the rising spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. The ministries argue that should students stay longer at home, learners will be most affected.

However, staffs in the Health Ministry have hinted at a reopening of schools based on new data following cancellation of an earlier reopening program introduced by the Education Ministry.

CS Magoha, on Thursday, November 29 revealed that stakeholders in the two ministries will continue with their meeting with a definite outcome either Monday, November 2 or Tuesday, November 3. A definitive conclusion on the resumption of education for all other classes will be presented on 4th, Wednesday, November.

Health Acting Director-General Patrick Amoth stated that the new data indicated that children between the age of 10 and 19 years have the mildest form of Coronavirus and are unlikely to spread it as highly as was initially thought.

The Ministry is disturbed that the prolonged mass resuming of schools will harm the transitioning of learners particularly for Grade 5 and Form 1 student under the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).

“Students will be safe in schools and will also grow to achieve their full potential for the economic development of the country. If Covid persists for five more years, are we going to close schools? No, we can come up with more measures to protect our students,” Amoth added.

President Uhuru Kenyatta is scheduled to attend the meeting to approve the determination made and submit his way forward.

Kenya is also observing up other African nations which have thoroughly reopened schools. The Ministry of Education only approved Grade 4, Form 4 and Class, 8 students, to reopen as they prepare for the national exams.

This comes 2 days after High Court judge Justice John Makau directed that he will determine whether learning institutions will reopen or not following a parent case in which Magoha was sued on the matter.

The parent claims that Magoha’s decisions to hesitate the re-opening of schools were not satisfactory as he continues changing his stand on the matter.

Magoha has constantly stated that schools will remain open despite the country encountering a 2nd wave of coronavirus. He also urged school heads from recalling all other students to school minus directive from the Education Ministry.


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