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Meteitei Boys School Strike Deal With Bodaboda Operators To Curb Student Indiscipline

Meteitei Boys School Strike Deal With Bodaboda Operators To Curb Student Indiscipline

Meteitei Boys High School in Nandi County has formed an alliance with local bodaboda operators in an effort to reduce student misconduct and indiscipline.

It comes after numerous reports of students sneaking out of the school, which is nestled in the rugged terrain of the Nandi South escarpment.

The school board of management has agreed to use riders on the Timboroa-Meteitei highway for surveillance.

Under the new partnership, 60 bodaboda riders have agreed to be vigilant.

Among other things, the riders will assist in monitoring students’ movements and activities and will immediately notify the school of any suspicious characters, after determining whether students leaving the school have gate passes or permission letters.

Riders will stop students in school uniforms who exhibit suspicious behavior and notify the school, and they will not ferry students who do not show proof that they are permitted to leave.

The Timboroa or Khaoya junction on the Nandi-Uasin Gishu border is frequently the students’ destination.

There are 1,564 students at the extra-county school. Unrest has struck it several times.

Senior Principal Barnabas Too stated that the board had resolved to engage key players in the local transportation sector, including motorcyclists, due to frequent unrest and disciplinary issues among students.

He claimed that defiant students are suspected of smuggling alcoholic beverages into the school.

“The bodaboda guys are also the immediate members of the community and they will significantly offer security by identifying students loitering in the villages and reporting to the school as soon as possible. This is helping avert any damage as a result of a few culprits,” he said.

Due to the rough terrain of Tinderet constituency, bodabodas are the primary mode of transportation in the region, with residents relying on them to get to local trading centers because other motorists avoid the dangerous Kobere-Timboroa road.

Mr. Too explained that the school intends to use the bodaboda sector to improve academic performance.

The late Joseph Letting, the head of Civil Service during President Daniel Moi’s regime, founded the school 42 years ago.

Meteitei Boys is a close second to Kapsabet Boys, Nandi County’s top-performing national school. In last year’s KCSE results, it was ranked 46th nationally, with 323 of 334 candidates enrolling in public universities.

County Education Director Zachary Mutuiri asserted that the security measures will improve the school’s academic performance.

“This new style of cooperation between the school management and the bodaboda operators is unique, and cultivates the relationship between the school and the community. It will help to leverage learners against drug abuse and eliminate truancy cases,” he stated.

County Commissioner Herman Shambi stated that bodaboda operators were misconstrued as criminals, but if allowed to participate in community development, they would play an important role in society.

Meteitei Boys School Strike Deal With Bodaboda Operators To Curb Student Indiscipline


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