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Menstrual Disorders Education successfully introduced in the Competency-Based Curriculum, CBC.

Advocacy attempts to create awareness of endometriosis have borne fruit following an announcement by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development(KICD) to include menstrual disorders (MD) education in the Competency-Based Curriculum(CBC).

The move comes as a fruit of negotiations between EndoSisters EA Foundation and the Standard Group PLC via the Great Places to School Initiative to gain an influence in the lives of school-going girls in Kenya on matters menstrual wellness. They then roped in KICD through a workshop to bridge gaps on menstrual issues.

According to EndoSisters Director Ms Doris Murimi, the determination to introduce the pertinent subject in the curriculum is a breakthrough to a long way in warranting that adolescent girls will be taught on menstrual health disorders and learn to cultivate treatment-seeking behaviour while boys will be encouraged and be taught to be supportive and help in eliminating stigma as well as demystify the matter.

Moreover, teachers and parents would learn to be sensitive to issues of menstruation.

Talking to Parents, Doris said, “I am genuinely so happy about this progress. It is fundamental and changes the way menstrual issues will be dealt with from the education standpoint. It is a celebration for all of us and especially our daughters, nieces and younger sisters.”

Her emotions were further echoed by EndoSisters EA Foundation Board Chairperson, Dr Atunga Nyachieo who stressed on the value of menstrual hygiene and disorders introduced in the curriculum as it is the leading cause of absenteeism in schools for girls.

KICD CEO Prof. Charles Ongondo, also remarked that education on menstrual disorders relates directly into the provisions of Competency-Based Curriculum and admitted on the need for progressed awareness.

Additionally, Ms Grace Ngugi, the Deputy Director – Special Programmes at KICD, who is initiating the mainstreaming of Menstrual Disorders Education into the Curriculum, affirmed that it will be introduced into each of the 6 broad areas of relevant and contemporary issues namely: 

  • Citizenship; 
  • Health Promotion Issues; 
  • Life Skills and Values Education; 
  • Social Economic Issues, 
  • Parental Empowerment and Engagement, 
  • Non-formal Programs and, 
  • Special Needs Education.

The disclosure comes imperceptibly over a year following a 14-year-old female student in Bomet County committed suicide after being embarrassed by her teacher for dirtying her dress while in school.

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