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Meet Disabled Teacher Raising Money for Needy Students

Meet Disabled Teacher Raising Money for Needy Students

George Mwangi, a disabled teacher, residing in the Witeithie ward of Thika, Kiambu County, is on a mission.

He had a big idea while he and his son were watching a cartoon. His son asked about a piece of equipment that turned out to be a telescope.

Later, the father became intent on getting one to help his son observe the night sky’s elements.

Before deciding on an offer for a Ksh80,000 electronic device, he looked at other sites because he didn’t know the task.

Mwangi, the director of St. Georges Cornerstone Secondary School in the Maraba neighborhood of Witeithie, which he started in 2015, observed a decline in school attendance.

After doing more research, he found that most students came from low-income families that couldn’t afford to keep them in school.

Motivated by his lowly origins, he set out to assist in the retention of pupils at his school.

Mwangi was born with club feet and had corrective surgery with a donor’s assistance at an early age.

This opened his eyes to the generosity of well-wishers, which he found appealing. He intended to impact the lives of others and promote positive change.

“I grew up in a home for the physically challenged, and i understand how it feels to lose hope; losing hope is similar to dying,” Mwangi says

The man, who had previously participated in numerous charity walks despite his need for a walking aid following a motorcycle accident in 2013, had the brilliant idea of using his one-of-a-kind equipment to earn funds to help feed students to keep them in school.

Armed with his telescope, he travels to Thika’s social joints and public areas, where interested clients and passersby can view night sky objects such as the moon, stars, planets, and other extraterrestrial things in exchange for a gift to his school.

The most he has ever collected in a single night is Ksh2,000, which can be used to purchase food to nourish his students during the day.

Mwangi serves all the pupils a cup of uji in the morning and evening and at lunch when resources allow, making a difference on a personal level.

In the future, he intends to raise sufficient cash to feed more pupils and acquire land to construct a sustainable school that will benefit the residents of Witeithie and inspires the local children and teenagers to learn.

Mwangi described how a student from his school earned a grade of B+ and is currently pursuing a degree in Actuarial Science at Egerton University.

He intends to provide possibilities for many bright, disadvantaged youngsters to remain in school and pursue their aspirations.

Mwangi urged the government to assist struggling private schools through capitation rather than public institutions.

Meet Disabled Teacher Raising Money for Needy Students


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