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Medics Call For Support Of Students With Medical Needs

Medics Call For Support Of Students With Medical Needs

Medical professionals have called on students, teachers and the school community to support children on medication, in order to ensure they adhere to their prescriptions.

Psychologist Loice Kimani has warned that failure to support children who are ill, particularly those taking anti-retroviral drugs, has led to them defaulting on their medication, which further weakens their immunity.

Kimani manages a support group of around 200 children living with HIV at Langalanga Maternity Hospital and has seen firsthand the negative effects of children defaulting on their medication.

Kimani also expressed disappointment in the methods used to educate children about sexuality, as they often lead to stigmatization of children living with HIV.

She emphasized that not all children on continuous medication have HIV, as many are managing other illnesses such as heart rheumatic disease, sickle cell, leukemia, and diabetes.

Stigmatizing these children can have severe consequences for their health, potentially even leading to death.

Kimani advises against disclosing the children’s statuses to people beyond their caregivers, for their own safety and wellbeing.

Psychologist Dorothy Kasewa echoed these sentiments and also highlighted the issue of gender and sexual based violence, which can cause further trauma for these children.

Kasewa, who handles gender and sexual based violence victims at a facility in Nakuru, stated that cases of lesbianism and homosexuality in schools continue to be major causes of child trauma that require a concerted effort to address.

The medics urged parents to seek psychological help for their children if they notice changes in behavior such as withdrawal and mood swings, as these children are susceptible to depression.

They emphasized the importance of supporting all children, regardless of their illness, in order to ensure their well-being and overall health.

Medics Call For Support Of Students With Medical Needs


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