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Teachers demand change on poor medical scheme services by AON MINET

Teachers demand change on poor medical scheme services by AON MINET

The AON Minet medical insurance scheme for teachers is under fire for poor service.

Cases of inaccessibility, bureaucracy, and corruption, as well as failing to solve the problems it was supposed to solve have been blamed on the multi-billion-shilling medical company.

Teachers have been expressing their dissatisfaction with the scheme which has been running for six years and is funded by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

TSC chief executive officer Dr. Nancy Macharia has been defending the scheme terming it as the best in the region. Minet Kenya is the largest in the country, covering 334,531 teachers and their 734,372 dependents as of July this year.

The commission receives more than Sh6 billion shillings in premiums from teachers and another Sh3 billion from the government to fund the scheme.

Some hospitals in central Kenya are said to have refused to provide services after Minet Kenya defaulted on payments in April.

According to Kenneth Maguta, chairperson of the private health care service providers lobby, There is non-payment and breach of contractual terms in the case of teachers.

“We are experiencing a strained relationship with teachers because there is a limit to which private business can bend backwards to accommodate debt. In the case of teachers, there is non-payment and breach of contractual terms.

Teachers now want their employers to include them in the selection of service providers. 

“Sometimes, teachers take up to one week to be discharged from hospital because the insurance provider has a slow approval system,” said county Kenya Nation Union of Teachers (Knut) secretary Patrick Were.

“In volatile areas of Samburu North and East, Samburu County Kuppet executive secretary William Lenkuyia said teachers were having difficulty getting services. “Other hospitals aren’t in good shape.”

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Teachers have also called for the abolition of the AON Minet medical scheme, claiming that they are unable to obtain adequate medical care.

Last week members of the Teachers pressure Group were transferred just a few days after demanding the abolishment of the AON Minet scheme.

Teachers demand change on poor medical scheme services by AON MINET



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