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Media Firm To Create Jobs For TVET Graduates

Media Firm To Create Jobs For TVET Graduates

Integral Media has teamed up with the Narok County government to promote career possibilities for graduates of Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET).

Speaking during the launch of a team to sensitize the kids in nine TVETs across the county, Integral Media Director Ashington Ngigi stated that their goal is to connect the youth to job prospects using a digital platform called ‘Ya kazi.’

The “Ya Kazi” platform allows young people to register their profiles and abilities. This allows potential employees in your area to get to know you and contact you simply,” he explained.

He highlighted that the company works with 15 green energy enterprises that engage children in order to better equip them and provide them with a platform to work.

Already, he claimed, over 1000 adolescents in the country have registered with the site, with 121 professionals from Narok County, 29 of them female.

“We will move to the entire county to implement this program. Our key business is to empower the youth and connect them with job opportunities,” he said.

Timothy Mwangi, the company’s Head of Practical Action, stated that they re-skill and up-skill the youth to increase their employability.

They addressed today at the county government headquarters after meeting with County Deputy Governor Tamalinye Koech, and they encouraged graduate young to register on the Ya kazi platform.

The Deputy Governor, who represented Governor Patrick Ntutu, praised the team for their efforts to generate work possibilities for young people.

Koech urged parents to take advantage of TVETs created in all constituencies to educate their children who were unable to attend university.

“You do not need a certificate to join TVETs. These are institutions where the learners perfect their skills and can easily be self-employed despite the fact that they could not have joined primary or secondary schools,” he added.

Media Firm To Create Jobs For TVET Graduates


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