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Mathematics/ Physics Teacher Jobs 2023

Mathematics/ Physics Teacher Jobs 2023.

Nova Pioneer is seeking an exceptional High School Mathematics/ Physics Teacher for its Eldoret Girls Boarding School to begin in January 2023.

Please note that this only applies to teachers with three or more years of experience.

You will play a crucial role in providing our students with an extraordinary 21st-century learning experience.

This is an incredible opportunity to join a network of creative schools that is fostering generations of innovators and leaders who will define the African Century.

Disclaimer: Nova Pioneer does not charge a fee for application processing.


Imagine a world where every child in Africa attends a school that actually prepares them for success in the 21st century.

The school cares about its students as individuals and encourages them to explore the world.

A school that prioritizes the development of skills over the memorization of knowledge.

At Nova Pioneer, we have done more than merely foresee the future; we are creating it.

Nova Pioneer is a pan-African, autonomous network of pre-primary through secondary schools offering high-quality, accessible education.

It employs a novel inquiry-based learning method that encourages students to ask “why” rather of being told “what.”

It allows students to form their own thoughts through study, collaboration, and exploration.

Nova Pioneer now operates 14 schools in South Africa and Kenya, with the goal of opening 100 schools and reaching tens of thousands of students on the African continent over the next decade.


Principal responsibilities of the role include:

Teach and deliver great, inquiry-based, real-world mathematics and physics lessons that meet Kenya’s curriculum requirements.

Maintain productive, professional, and good interactions with students, their families, and colleagues.

Create lesson plans and collaborate with the Learning Design Team to review and update lessons as necessary/requested.

Develop a classroom climate that is favorable to learning, is developmentally suitable for the maturity and interests of the students, and is orderly and focused on learning.

Infuse lessons with enthusiasm and a love for learning so that students are excited and interested in their academic greatness.

Provide all students with the academic and cultural accommodations and adaptations essential for their growth and success.

Be accountable for the topic mastery and academic standards of your students.

To improve educational delivery, integrate interactive technologies into lessons.

Set and convey tough and ambitious objectives for all students, and provide good student feedback so that they internalize these objectives.

Provide constant rewards and/or sanctions for student behavior, and always demonstrate the desired conduct for students to imitate.

Consistently achieve the lofty objectives of a rapidly expanding company

Serve as teacher on duty and/or boarding teacher on duty, and assist with school-wide behavior intervention programs.

Capture of kids’ academic outcomes data in a timely manner and communication of students’ progress to NP families and other stakeholders as called.

When called, serve as the home room teacher.


Required Skills and Qualifications:

A TSC certification and a suitable Bachelor’s degree in Education are required.

Three or more years of teaching experience in mathematics or physics are required.

You are an outstanding communicator. You are able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

Flexible and receptive to change; you effectively manage uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.

You are a problem-solver; you are proactive in spotting concerns and thoroughly handle them by making an attempt to find suitable solutions.

Enthusiastic about our organizational culture, and you are especially excited to challenge yourself by accepting reciprocal vulnerability and a deluge of criticism.


Please note that it is strongly recommended that you send your resume in PDF format to preserve formatting.

The Nova Pioneer interview process consists of multiple steps, with candidates advancing to the next round based on their success in the prior process. Following is the process:

Phone interview: a brief talk to better comprehend your skills and experience.

Practical demonstration of your abilities: you will complete a written task or a performance relating to the role for which you are applying. Teachers take an examination and teach a lesson to a class.

Before decisions are finalized, you will have a last conversation with the hiring manager.


Nova Pioneer is a location where our people experience rapid and substantial growth!

We invest extensively in the growth of our people since doing so increases our own and our students’ mastery.

“Novaneers” work harder and longer hours than students at other schools, and as a result, they experience amazing growth.

We offer regular and ongoing professional development and give clear career paths to ensure that our people are always achieving their highest levels of personal and professional success.

Our people are able to bring their unique and inventive ideas to life in a very entrepreneurial, high-energy environment at Nova Pioneer.

Nova seeks people who are flexible and quick to respond to challenges with a positive, can-do attitude (there are no issues, only solutions!).

We embrace adversity and are resilient because it makes us and our students stronger.

There is no difficulty that we cannot solve! Together, we work hard and have a lot of fun. We bring contagious energy and enthusiasm to all of our endeavors because we believe that happiness is the driving force behind even the most challenging work and learning. On our website, you can get additional information regarding our culture’s guiding values.

Nova Pioneer will never request candidates an application fee.

If a person claiming to be a Nova Pioneer Talent or Recruitment agent contacts you with a request to pay a fee, please do not pay them and notify us immediately at [email protected] or [email protected]

Eldoret Girls Boarding School

Mathematics/ Physics Teacher Jobs 2023


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