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Mathematics No longer Required For Education Courses

C (plain) in English or Kiswahili to be made compulsory for mathematics-related courses

Maths No longer Required For Education Courses 

Students interested in taking mathematics-related courses may soon be required to acquire a C (plain) in English or Kiswahili.

If the plan put forward by public university managers is implemented, candidates taking the 2021 KCSE exam will be the first to meet the rule.

The idea will have no effect on the university cut-off grade, which will remain C+ (plus), but it will have an impact on the individual subjects required to pursue one’s selected course.

Computer science, information technology, economics, statistics, and finance are among the subjects covered.

 Previously, students’ placement in these courses was determined solely by Mathematics subject.

To qualify for placement under government sponsorship, they will need Math plus English or Kiswahili under the new setup.

This follows the recent failure of a large number of health workers who applied for positions in the UK to pass an English test.

Kenya and the United Kingdom established an agreement in July to allow unemployed Kenyan health workers to work in the United Kingdom’s National Health Service.

Only 10 out of 300 health employees passed the English exam, according to Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe.

The university’s suggestion could be a means to ensure that graduates have adequate communication skills.

Under the proposal, however, admission to agricultural, building and construction programs, as well as other education courses, has been made easier.

For students pursuing a Bachelor of Science with Education, stakeholders have recommended lowering the admission criterion for Biology, Physics, or Chemistry from a C+ (plus) to a C (plain).

Mathematics is no longer a requirement for pursuing a Bachelor of Education-CD. Students will now only need a C (plain) in either English or Kiswahili to be considered for admission.

With the addition of Geography as an option to Chemistry and Agriculture as an alternative to Biology, students interested in environmental sciences will have a greater range of disciplines to choose from when applying to universities.

This is thought to provide a softer landing because more students excel in Agriculture and Geography than in Mathematics and Chemistry.

For environmental sciences, English or Kiswahili will now be required.

The bar has been raised for Bachelor of Education Business Studies, with the placement agency proposing to raise the entry standard for Mathematics or Business Studies from D+ (plus) to C+ (plus).

From the previous C+, students pursuing a Bachelor of Science will only be required to have a C (plain) in one of the three sciences—Biology, Physics, or Chemistry (plus)

Biology and Chemistry requirements for degree programs in fisheries and aquaculture have also been lowered downwards, from C+ to C (simple).

Students wishing to pursue ICT-related degree programs must achieve a grade of C (plain) in English or Kiswahili. 

Students were previously simply required to have completed will in Mathematics.

Previously, only two subjects—Maths and Physics—were required to pursue a degree in computer science.

Economics, statistics, finance, and operations research are all examples of this.

English, Physics, and Mathematics are required for anyone interested in pursuing applied statistics.

Only mathematics was formerly required.

The entrance standards for law, education, engineering, and health programs have not altered.

This is due to the fact that they are governed by regulators who set the rules.

Students interested in studying community health and health records must have at least a C (plain) in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics. The letter grade has been reduced from C to B. (plus).

Agriculture has been presented as an alternative to Mathematics for individuals interested in studying animal health and productivity.

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This is regarded as a softer landing because more students excel in Agriculture than in Mathematics.

Mathematics No longer Required For Education Courses


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