Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Mass Failure Concerns At The Kenya School of Law


The senate committee of Justice, Legal Affairs and Human Rights has been concered by the high level of failure at the Kenya School of Law (KSL). In it's proposal, the committee wants KSL to slash it's fees and atleast decentralize it's training centers for Advocates Training Programs). 

They are also aiming to reduce the amount of money paid for remarking or resisting of exams by the legal education council (CLE) which is mandated to regulate administration and setting of exams and grades at the Kenya school of Law.

The deans claim that the Council of Legal Education, LSK's congestion, and lack of enough learning resources, greatly attributes to the mass failure witnessed at the KSL. 
President Timothy Thondu of Kenya School of law and Dr Moni Wekesa a dean at Daystar University law department revealed a shocking ratio of 1:900 of lectures and students. 

Moni, representing law schools deans, noted that congestion in classrooms has degraded the performance of students and  fresh advocates from universities. Giving an example of KIPPRA, he said the institutions doesn't have firms for students discussion and also students lack lecturers guidance. He blamed ATP for maximizing the productivity of such students. 

The sentiments were echoed by Fatuma Chege the Chairperson of KSL and the Chief Executive Officer Hillary Mutai who admitted that there is massive failure at KSL and agreed on ATP's decentralization for practice as a possible solution. KSL Chairperson argued that former administrators are to blame for initiating projects that have been stalled upto now leading to facilties shortage.

Former Attorney General Mr Githu called for more practitioners at law school instead of doctors and professors adding that theory of law is taught in universities. He said what KSL is currently doing is nothing but a waste of time, funds and resources. 

Githu embraced the idear of ATP decentralization blaming congestion for the compromised education level adding that 2500 taken by KSL each year is unfeasible and inappropriate. Mary Mutugi also while representing Githu on the comitee admitted of collection of surplus from students by CLE. 

Okong’o Omogeni questioned whether the charges of 5K for each unit in the first sitting and 15K for every remarking made sense even it they were documented in laws. 



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