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Machogu to Deal With Teachers Withholding Learners’ Certificates, Look Into TPD

Machogu to Deal With Teachers Withholding Learners’ Certificates, Look Into TPD

Ezekiel Machogu, if approved as the Cabinet Secretary for Education, will deal with teachers who refuse to issue learners’ certificates.

The Education Cabinet Secretary nominee said he will even consider KNEC issuing certificates directly to students if teachers do not stop withholding certificates.

“We shall deal with this and even if it means that Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) issues certificates directly to learners if teachers continue to withhold certificates,” said Machogu.

He promised to look into the Teacher Professional Development (TPD) program, which requires tutors to pay Sh6,000 for refresher training.

Regarding the teacher shortage, Machogu stated that the government will hire the first batch of 30,000 teachers in January.

“Internship programmes shall also be institutionalized because it is cheaper and affordable. Once serves as an intern, they can be absorbed permanent terms,” said Machogu.

Machogu stated that the law will be reviewed to ensure accountability in the appointment of university chancellors by the Public Service Commission (PSC).

“There is disconnect. The body hiring should be able to also fire. But if PSC hires, and then disciplinary processes are taken to the Councils then there is a problem. And MPs may want to look into this. Appointment of chancellors should also be looked into,” said Machogu.

Machogu also stated that he will ensure that parents are not overburdened with funds in public schools.

“I will take necessary remedial action on unnecessary levies. I will create systems. The structures are already there. I will ensure that parents are not subjected to unnecessary harassment and I will also be accessible.

Mr Machogu is a career administrator who previously worked as a district officer, district commissioner, and senior deputy secretary before being elected MP for the Nyaribari Masaba Constituency.

If confirmed, he will be in charge of policies that affect more than 16 million students.

He will be thrown into the deep end by managing three national examinations for students transitioning from Grade Six, Class Eight, and Form Four next month.

Machogu was speaking when he appeared before the Appointments Committee of the National Assembly on Friday.

He stated that the Kenya Kwanza administration is devoted to ensuring that no costs are incurred by parents, as education is intended to be free and mandatory.

On September 30, President William Ruto created a 49-member task team to study the new curriculum.

It has six months to examine the new instructional method and provide recommendations on the way forward in its final report, due on February 29.

Machogu noted that Kenyans are already burdened by the economic situation and the effects of Covid-19, and a pricey education would be an additional hardship.

The nominee was responding to a question from Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Gladys Shollei regarding his plans to minimize the cost of the new education system.

According to him, when the task group completes its mandate, teachers will be retrained.

In addition, Machogu stated that the Ministry of Education would provide instructors with a forum to discuss the initiative.

Machogu to Deal With Teachers Withholding Learners’ Certificates, Look Into TPD


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