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Machogu Faults Magoha on CBC Preparations, Says Teacher Training Sessions Were Insufficient

Machogu Faults Magoha on CBC Preparations, Says Teacher Training Sessions Were Insufficient

On Friday, October 21, Education Cabinet Secretary nominee Ezekiel Machogu blamed the incumbent officeholder, George Magoha, for failing to successfully implement the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).

Machogu claimed before the National Assembly Committee on Appointments that the teacher training sessions held prior to the implementation of CBC were insufficient in providing the tutors with the necessary skills.

Teachers, he contended, were thus rendered incapable of comprehending the new curriculum’s tenets.

Thus, his solution-driven approach prioritized retraining teachers to master the CBC fundamentals and improving the system, which parents, teachers, and stakeholders perceive to be costly and time consuming.

“Teachers have also been undertaking training of one week and this is not enough to understand content of curriculum. And therefore that was not the best way.

“We however have another opportunity to fine-tune this. We are giving teachers a chance to give feedback on this and will be considered by the team on how much time is enough for them to understand this curriculum,” said Machogu.

Furthermore, the CS nominee stated that the task force reviewing the curriculum is expected to propose changes to reduce the cost of CBC.

Machogu acknowledged that he was aware of the concerns raised about the model’s capital-intensive nature.

As a result, he is relying on the recommendations of President William Ruto’s task force to iron out the serious issues that will be raised.

“Once I get the recommendations of the task force, we will ensure that CBC is manageable. As of now, parents may not be able to afford certain requirements as indicated in the CBC curriculum,” Machogu convinced the Speaker Moses Wetangula-led committee.

“This (President William Ruto’s) administration, in particular, does not advocate for costly projects as education is supposed to be free and compulsory,” he added. 

Furthermore, Machogu stated that during his tenure, his ministry would work to improve the CBC assessment system’s effectiveness and, as a result, ensure high-quality education.

He said he will adjust it to see what instruments of measurement are used to determine the correct measurement at that level adding that this is one of the issues that the task force can look into.

Concerning struggling public universities, the CS nominee emphasized the importance of pursuing alternative revenue sources in order to alleviate the financial crisis that the institutions are experiencing.

Machogu was also pressed to explain how he will handle cases where previous university placements favored private universities over public ones.

He said he will encourage universities to look for alternative sources of funding rather than relying solely on the exchequer.

Machogu noted that universities did not complain about a lack of funds when parallel programs were in place.

“In reality, the primary mission of universities is research and innovation. They will be able to generate income if they invest in it “He continued.

“Actually universities’ core mandate is research and innovation. If they invest in it, they will be able to generate income,” he added. 

Machogu Faults Magoha on CBC Preparations, Says Teacher Training Sessions Were Insufficient


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