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Machogu Asks Parents & Teachers to be Patient on Grade Six Junior Secondary Transition

Machogu Asks Parents & Teachers to be Patient on Grade Six Junior Secondary Transition.

The Education CS Ezekiel Machogu, has said that President William Ruto will decide the future of Grade Six children in the next weeks.

During a Tuesday, November 17 visit to Kisumu, the CS said that Ruto would give directives after hearing updates from the task force evaluating the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).

Ruto would release the statement in time before reopening schools in January 2023.

In addition, he mentioned that stakeholders, like parents, were anxious since sixth-grade pupils were scheduled to take examinations in the coming weeks.

“What he will be giving will be information that has been collected from people all over the country.

“I want to request the parents and teachers to be patient because as we open the school by January 23, our young ones will know whether they will be domiciled in primary or in secondary schools,” he stated.

Despite announcing a new education calendar, Machogu responded to parents’ worries about the ministry’s tardiness in updating them on the continuing curriculum reform.

In addition, he stated that the government was in high gear to ensure that the CBC class evaluation would be performed expeditiously.

Machogu added that they had enlisted the assistance of other teams, including the police, to ensure that the exams would not be disturbed or compromised.

“My Cabinet colleagues will be watching the updates. “We wish to reassure Kenyans that the integrity of this process will not be compromised and that everything will be honest,”

“We have sent out examinations papers to all the 493 examination centres and storage facilities. This is an exercise where the entire government is involved,” he stated.

Sixth graders will take their examinations alongside KCPE and KCSE applicants.

Candidates Assured Of Security During Exams Period

Candidates Of Security During Exams Period

Evans Achoki, Regional Commissioner (RC) of the Eastern Region, has guaranteed all candidates sitting for the KCSE, KPSEA, and KCPE examinations in the region of the region tight security during the three national tests.

Mr. Achoki stated that sufficient security personnel had been deployed in all examination centers.

“We have beefed up the security in all counties to ensure that candidates move swiftly from their homes to examination centres without any interruption. We have deployed adequate security in all examination centres ahead of the commencement of the three national examinations,” said the RC.

The administrator said arrangements had been made to supply complimentary food to applicants in drought-affected sections of the region throughout the examination period.

In addition, he warned individuals intent on undermining the integrity of the examinations through cheating that they will be dealt with harshly per the law.

“Come rain, come sunshine, we shall administer the examinations as scheduled,” the RC assured, adding that plans have also been made to ensure candidates in the drought-hit areas of the region are provided with free meals during the examination period.

After meeting with regional security and education officials, the commissioner stated that the government would distribute sanitary towels to all female students taking national exams to ensure their comfort.

William Sugut, director of education for the Eastern Regional Education Board, announced that 173,000 candidates would take the Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) for grade 6, 20,000 for KCPE, and 141,000 for KCSE.

He stated that the KPSEA and KCPE tests will take place between November 28 and 30, with the KCSE examinations occurring between November 21 and December 23.

Dr. Sugut stated that all supervisors, invigilators, and center managers had been suitably deployed, urging them to put their best foot forward to provide credible examinations as a team.

He stated that measures had been taken to ensure that the examinations are delivered to all examination locations on time.

Machogu Asks Parents & Teachers to be Patient on Grade Six Junior Secondary Transition


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