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Machakos University Closed Indefinitely As Student Shot by Police During Demo Dies

Machakos University Closed Indefinitely As Student Shot by Police During Demo Dies.

Students went on a rampage early Wednesday morning, engaging police officers in running skirmishes and bringing transit on the key Machakos-Wote road to a halt. 

As a result, the university has been closed indefinitely.

Lucy Irungu, vice chancellor of the institution, explained in a note to all students that the decision was influenced by the evolving security situation around the university and the ongoing student demonstrations.

According to the VC, an emergency meeting held on Wednesday, December 7th, voted to close the university immediately.

Students have been instructed to depart the school grounds immediately, with the institution promising additional news regarding the resumption of classes.

A student who was injured by a stray bullet during Monday’s demonstrations has died at the Machakos Level 5 Hospital, barely hours after students went on a rampage, reportedly in response to the news that a student who was shot by a stray bullet during the Monday demonstrations had passed away.

The student was shot during protests over enhanced campus security after another student, who was reportedly attacked by thugs, died at Kenyatta National Hospital.

Monday marked the passing of the Machakos University student who was shot by a police officer amid student demonstrations.

Wednesday morning, the student succumbed to his injuries at the Machakos Level 5 Hospital, where he was undergoing treatment.

His death was received with astonishment by many, including his fellow classmates.

After receiving surgery in response to the tragedy, he fought for his life in the hospital.

The student and his classmates launched a demonstration against the region’s rising insecurity.

The police officer who fatally shot the victim had been apprehended and detained in the police station where he was assigned, Machakos.

Nine firearms, including five pistols, three G-3 rifles, and one AK-47 assault rifle, were confiscated from various police personnel.

The weapons will undergo forensic ballistic examination at the DCI National Forensic Laboratory in order to determine scientifically which firearms were misused during the demonstrations.

The officer was detained hours after another suspected officer was cornered and jailed during a heist in the vicinity.

The plainclothes officer and his accomplice ambushed two students as they made their way to their leased housing early on Monday morning.

“One of them was, however, lucky to escape as his classmate was attacked and his mobile phone snatched by the officer,” DCI said.

Students living nearby acted swiftly to save a classmate, resulting in the arrest of two individuals now charged with armed robbery.

“We appeal to the Machakos University students and their student leaders to remain calm as detectives expedite investigations into the security incidents and bring all the suspects to book,” DCI said.

Monday evening, Machakos county police commander Issa Mohammud reported that 33 people had been arrested in connection with criminal incidents in Machakos town and its surroundings.

Machakos University Closed Indefinitely As Student Shot by Police During Demo Dies.


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