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LSK President Nelson Havi Files A Petition In Court To Challenge CBC As Schools Are Set To Retain Their Status Under New Curriculum

LSK President Nelson Havi Files A Petition In Court To Challenge CBC As Schools Are Set To Retain Their Status Under New Curriculum

President of the Law Society Of Kenya (LSK) Nelson Havi has filed a petition challenging the CBC system. Havi also wants the system to be halted stating that the action by the Ministry of Education was unlawful.

Guardians and parents last week took to social media complaining that some assignments learners carry home have tight timelines given and money spent in purchasing materials to be used in the school projects.


Those opposed to the curriculum says it is being implemented in a very unprofessional manner adding that it failed to follow all the required procedures before its adoption. However, Magoha has maintained that the CBC "is here to stay" and no complaints will force the government to change course on the matter.

Parents accused CBC of being too engaging, claiming that teachers were giving students too many assignments, forcing them to intervene. Some private schools require students to bring reams of printing paper, more than ten textbooks for each subject, and other stationery. Schools in urban areas are the most affected.

Professor George Magoha, cabinet secretary for education, slammed critics of the competency-based curriculum, insisting that the new educational system is here to stay. Magoha defended the new curriculum and dismissed concerns that it is expensive and overburdens parents and children.

The CS acknowledged that there will be growing pains that will need to be addressed along the way but insisted there is no turning back.

"We know for sure as a government that nothing is perfect. We also know for sure that CBC is not perfect, but we also know for sure that it left the station in 2018." Magoha said.

Magoha has in the recent past been put on the spot for not allowing its officers to speak on CBC. The CS however feels that this is not necessary and dismissed the input of education experts as well as critics terming them ignorant.

The CBC has also been faulted for over engaging parents in learner's school work but top ministry officials are defending this emphasizing the need for parents to be fully engaged in education

KICD also defended CBC stating that the spirit of CBS is to leverage readily available materials to facilitate learning. CEO Charles Ong'ondo stated that CBC has nothing to do with students being required to bring a stack of textbooks to school.

He stated that the curriculum provides suggested learning materials, which means that teachers are expected to make rational decisions on what is required to aid learning, depending on the location of a school.


On teacher preparedness, the teacher service commission (TSC) says over 228 000 primary school teachers have been trained with another high training for over sixty thousand secondary school teachers scheduled for March and April next year.


Schools to retain their status under CBC

Secondary schools will retain their status as national, extra-county, county, and sub-county under the new curriculum, despite the fact that the Education Ministry's criterion for placing CBC learners in secondary school remains unclear.

However, the confirmation that schools will retain their status has raised concerns about the possibility that a learner's performance in primary school will determine which secondary school they will be admitted to.

According to Kenya Parents Association chairman Nicholas Maiyo, this will raise concerns about the potential return of cutthroat competition for admission to top national schools under the new curriculum.

Fatuma Chege, the Principal Secretary of the new State Department for Curriculum Reforms within the Education Ministry, downplayed this possibility, stating that school categorization is unrelated to student outcomes.

She made the remarks on Tuesday during a meeting with the Kenya Editors Guild to discuss the progress of the new curriculum. She spoke on Tuesday during an engagement on the progress of the new curriculum with the Kenya Editor’s Guild.

“The label of national schools, extra-county, county, sub-county will not define the quality of education, it is what happens inside a school and inside a class space….That label will not commit any miracle, it is what happens in the classroom, what happens in the school environment." the PS said.



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