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Last Message From George Magoha to Ruto

Last Message From George Magoha to Ruto

Before his death, the former Education Cabinet Secretary, Professor George Omore Magoha, had a lot of positive things to say about President William Ruto.

At a conference discussing education reform, held on October 12, 2022, in Nairobi at the Centre for Mathematics, Science and Technology in Africa, Magoha praised Ruto for being open to new ideas and quick to implement them.

According to Magoha, in his short time working with Ruto, he found him to be someone who was willing to consider different perspectives, even if they conflicted with his own.

Additionally, Magoha mentioned that he had previous experience working with Ruto academically, as he assisted him during his master’s and PhD studies.

Former Education Cabinet Secretary, Professor George Omore Magoha, praised President William Ruto for his efforts in ensuring that those who opposed the Competency-based Curriculum (CBC) did not succeed.

He thanked Ruto for his commitment to the CBC and for prioritizing the needs of children in Kenya.

“I would like to encourage you to use your intellectual power. If you want your brain to sleep it will sleep, If you want your brain to work so that you can add value to help our children then you will think,” he challenged Ruto.

He also encouraged Ruto to use his intellectual abilities to improve the education sector, particularly in universities.

Magoha also urged the Presidential Working Party on Education Reforms (PWPWR) to make Ruto proud by addressing the issues facing the education sector, specifically by removing politicians and fake experts and to focus on results instead of politics.

After Magoha’s death, Ruto remembered him as a friend and praised his work while serving as Deputy President in the previous regime.

He also offered condolences to the family, as Magoha’s brother had also passed away. Magoha had suffered a cardiac arrest while receiving treatment at Nairobi Hospital.

Last Message From George Magoha to Ruto


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