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TSC Ask KUPPET To Postpone The Awaited Teachers Strike

TSC Ask KUPPET To Postpone The Awaited Teachers Strike

Teachers have been asked to postpone their planned strike until national exams are completed.

On February Wednesday, the Teachers Service Commission, through their lawyer, wrote to the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers.

Kuppet had given TSC a seven-day deadline to reopen salary negotiations, failing which they would proceed to the next step.

“In light of this, the union is left with no option but to convene our organs to explore all avenues open to us in the quest for our members’ legitimate interests. As the Commission is well aware, the consequences of the remaining options may be dire,” KUPPET’s Secretary-General Akello Misori said in a letter dated February 22.

This year’s tight school calendar, according to Commission lawyer Calvin Anyuor, should not be jeopardized.

“Any activity which may disrupt learning must be avoided at all costs,” Anyuor said.

However, the commission promised to work with relevant government stakeholders to respond to Kuppet’s demands.

“The commission is currently consulting with the relevant government agencies before reverting to the union with its clear position to pave way for bipartite negotiations,” he said.

Teachers Service Commission
Teachers Service Commission Building

Cabinet Secretary for Education George Magoha has requested that the Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet) withdraw its strike notice.

The looming teachers’ strike, according to Prof Magohha, risks disrupting the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination.

Magoha argued in Kericho that the strike notice was untimely and that Kuppet should not use the candidates as pawns in its battles with the government.

“Though teachers, through the union, have a democratic right to issue a strike notice, it should not use candidates as chess pieces. We plead with Kuppet to withdraw the strike notice,” he said.


Magoha said if the union so desires, it may issue a strike notice after the candidates have completed their national examination. It will then be open season for students.

Even so, the Education CS insisted that the KCSE examination would go ahead as planned.

Nonetheless, the CS asked the TSC board, led by CEO Nancy Macharia, to continue negotiating with the teachers’ union over their demands.

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TSC Ask KUPPET To Postpone The Awaited Teachers Strike



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