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KUPPET Wants 30-70 Per cent Salary Increase For Teacher, Calls For Renegotiations

KUPPET Wants 30-70 Per cent Salary Increase For Teacher, Calls For Renegotiations.

A teachers’ union has renewed its call for a pay raise, months after signing a ’empty’ agreement with the employer that sparked outrage among members.

The Kenya Union of post-primary education teachers (KUPPET) has asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to lift the pay hike freeze imposed by the pandemic.

SRC chairperson Lynn Mengich previously stated that the situation will be reviewed at the end of the two fiscal years.

Teachers’ unions seeking a collective bargaining agreement had to wait 24 months. According to Akello Misori, Secretary-General of KUPPET, the economy has recovered.

Misori stated during a press conference that they want to review a number of negotiations. Teachers, according to the SG union, have fallen into poverty over the last two years.

“The excuse of covid 19 should no longer be used to deny teachers their deserved salary reviews,” Misori said.

He stated that the Teachers Service Commission has 21 days to reopen salary talks with the government.

Misori said that the union will review the commission’s response before convening its organs to provide further guidance on the next course of action.

A number of demands were made of the commission in order for the 2021-2025 Collective Bargaining Agreement to be fulfilled (CBA).

The teachers want a salary increase of 30 to 70% for the highest and lowest paid teachers.

“The lowest-paid teacher’s salary should rise from Sh34,995 to Sh59,425 while the highest-paid should rise from Sh118,242 to Sh153,715,” he added.

Kuppet Revive Calls For Teachers' salary Review As KNUT Seeks To Raise Official's Retirement Age
Kuppet Revive Calls For Teachers’ salary Review As KNUT Seeks To Raise Official’s Retirement Age

The commuting allowance is expected to be increased by 30% to 70%.

“From Sh5,000 to Sh8,500 and from Sh16,000 to Sh20,800 for the lowest and highest paid teachers respectively,” he said.

The union also requested that each grade receive a leave allowance equal to one month’s salary.

They also advocated for a unified house allowance across all grades, as well as a township allowance for teachers in urban areas.

“Introduction of risk allowance for science teachers, starting from Sh5,465 for the lowest paid and highest paid Sh39,587,” Misori said.

KUPPET advocates for an increase in hardship allowance, the introduction of postgraduate allowance, and overtime pay for boarding school teachers.

Misori also questioned why other civil servants were given raises.

The SRC stated that there will be no review of allowances and benefits paid in the public sector in the fiscal years 2021-22 and 2022-23.

The SRC increased allowances for judges and magistrates in a letter to the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) in the midst of a court case challenging the pay raise.

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The Court of Appeal judges will now be paid a maximum of Sh1,156,108, an increase from the Sh1,122,759 set in a letter dated August 18, 2017.

The Kenya Magistrates and Judges Association, on the other hand, refuted the SRC’s claims that they received salary increases.

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KUPPET Wants 30-70 Per cent Salary Increase For Teacher, Calls For Renegotiations




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