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KUPPET Criticize Magoha’s Forceful Drug Testing Of Students

KUPPET Criticize Magoha’s Forceful Drug Testing Of Students.

Teachers have now labelled the mandatory drug testing of high school students prior to re-admission for the current third term as unjust.

Omboko Milemba, the chairperson of the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET), described the move as “extremely intrusive” in a press conference on Wednesday, January 5.

Milemba says this action is unethical, unconstitutional, and illegal adding that it is also not in line with child education; it violates the Children’s Act and must be stopped.

“Forced tests will make children develop hard-line stand and even get hardened. They will adopt bad behaviour and challenge teachers that they were cleared of any drug abuse,” said Milemba.

He contended that students should be given the opportunity to defend themselves before being subjected to tests.

He also stated that issuing a blanket directive to the students without giving them a chance assumes that they are drug abusers.

“It vilifies the student as a suspect who is taking drugs and without giving him a chance to defend themselves.

“Who will speak for the students given that the testing is mandatory and they are undergoing it as a forceful measure,” he told KTN News

Other teachers contended that issuing the mandatory directive without first consulting parents was unfair to both students and caregivers.

The teachers also believe that the directive, like a 2016 order on tracking HIV-positive students in schools, will be overturned by the courts.

The directive was overturned by the court, which ruled that it was null and void.

“They will challenge the institution that ‘my test is clean. I have a clean bill. Why are you subjecting me to any kind of punishment because I underwent through that test?'” stated Milemba.

The uproar erupted after Maranda High School, along with other institutions, required its students to take a drug test before coming to school.

Following a meeting of the school’s board of management on December 23, it was decided that students would be tested in a public facility or at the National Authority for the Campaign Against Drugs and Alcohol Abuse (NACADA).

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Following that, Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha welcomed the move, stating that it was past time for students to be scrutinized in light of the recent spike in cases of unrest.

According to the CS, a large number of high school students have been exposed to drugs.

“A drug test is thoroughly in order because children are using drugs. Are you doubting it?” He posed.

KUPPET Criticize Magoha’s Forceful Drug Testing Of Students

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