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KUPPET Wants TSC To Offer Better Medical Cover For Teachers

KUPPET Wants TSC To Offer Better Medical Cover For Teachers

The Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education (KUPPET) is pushing the Teachers Service Commission (TSC)  to offer better medical coverage to teachers.

In a press conference on Tuesday, October 11, the union claimed that the existing medical coverage excluded teachers and other key stakeholders.

Furthermore, the teacher’s commission was accused of monopolizing the selection of insurance providers.

“We cannot have teachers complaining all the time because of medical cover. The teacher is expected to go back to the classroom after seven days if they get sick,” the union’s Chairman Omboko Milemba lamented.

The union has asked TSC to look for alternative insurance providers to serve a large number of teachers on the government payroll (over 300,000).

Notably, Omboko stated that it is unreasonable to expect teachers to predict when they will become ill and that it is also unreasonable to give them strict days to seek medical assistance.

The union’s deputy secretary general, Moses Nthurima, has called for the inclusion of tutors and other relevant stakeholders in policy formulation.

“When this policy was implemented, the teachers were not involved despite the fact there is a law that calls for participation of key players before a policy is implemented,” Nthurima complained.

“We are demanding the involvement of teachers in the decision-making process. We ask the commission to consider the NHIF comprehensive medical cover,” he added.

The union’s demands come just days after the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Secretary General, Collins Oyuu, proposed salary increases to help teachers cope with rising living costs.

According to the secretary general teachers can only work if they are engaged and well compensated.

KNUT proposes a 60% salary increase regardless of the country’s economic situation.

During World Teachers Day celebrations, he urged the proposed Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) task force to include all stakeholders.

KUPPET Wants TSC To Offer Better Medical Cover For Teachers


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