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KUPPET wants TSC to Decentralize TPD Program to Counties

KUPPET wants TSC to Decentralize TPD Program to Counties

The Kenya Union of Post-Primary Teachers (KUPPET) has urged the CBC task force to gather the opinions of education stakeholders to produce a report acceptable to all Kenyans.

Sammy Chelangat, national secretary for tertiary teachers, stated that the assessment must address parents’ allegations that the system was not just costly but also time-consuming.

Chelangat said at KUPPET’s annual general meeting in Garissa that the union would give its thoughts on essential issues that must be dealt with.

“We welcome the task force and we want to say that as a teachers’ union, we have our opinion as professionals and people who must be consulted on matters of education.

“As KUPPET we will be presenting our memorandum in all the 47 counties where we have braches,” Chelangat said.

“We will have representatives to present our views. What we are saying is that the system might be good or might have issues here and there. But we want to ask that there must be involvement from all Kenyans,” he added.

Chelangat stated that among the issues they want to address is that education should not be expensive, as the current system does not favour the underprivileged members of society.

“We don’t want an education tailored for the elite but one that is learners-centred.

He noted that this is another chance to correct things and develop a system that Kenyans will accept.

The KUPPET secretary requested that the TSC decentralize the Teachers’ Professional Development (TPD) program to the counties so that teachers might enrol in universities close to their residences.

“I wonder which criteria the TSC used to arrive at the decision to carry out the TPD program for the teacher’s work stations because the arrangement is not only inconveniencing them but also raising the cost of the trainings,” he said.

A section of Garissa’s present leaders, led by Mohammed Dekow, stated that the system should not be scrapped.

Instead, they want it improved. They urged teachers to contribute their suggestions actively.

The 49-member task force, chaired by Professor Raphael Munavu, was established to solicit public opinion and recommend an acceptable framework to expedite its implementation.

In addition, they are intended to present a framework for examining CBC and other concerns.

KUPPET wants TSC to Decentralize TPD Program to Counties


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