Saturday, March 25, 2023
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KUPPET Tells TSC To Do Away With AON Minet And Give A Fruitful CBA To A Classroom Teacher

Speaking after KUPPET branch elections in Kericho County, Mary Rotich the new Kuppet branch executive secretary, delved into the teacher AON Minet medical cover saying Kericho teachers would rather be enrolled in the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF).

Most of the time teachers have had to stay in hospitals for a longer time because of a lack of a proper that AON works. It’s a cover that doesn’t have a proper way, it’s not running in a way that is required. For example, every time you interact with it you’ll have to face challenges…Teachers need better cover.” Said Mrs Rotich.


Mrs Rotich who until her election was an English and Literature teacher at Keongo Secondary school in the Ainamoi constituency, also pocked holes at the teacher’s Collective Bargain Agreement (CBA).

When it was rolled out in the first phase, that is the 4 phases that have been implemented I must say it was not classroom teacher-oriented. The biggest winners were the administrators while the biggest lot which is the classroom teachers had nothing to celebrate. They would wait for another phase only to realize nothing was coming forth.

I know that there is a CBA that is under the discussion with the government and my plea is that this CBA this time will be labelled a classroom teacher CBA. A CBA that brings a lot of fruits to the classroom teacher. That will make those teachers in the lower cadre to enjoy, to come out and celebrate and have a reason to wake up every morning and go to work.” Said Mrs Korir.




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