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KUPPET Teachers Protest Union’s Mismanagement of Benevolence Kitty

Kuppet Teachers Protest Union’s Mismanagement of Benevolence Kitty

Several Kuppet Kilifi branch teachers are outraged by the Burial and Benevolent Fund’s management.

The Kenya Union of Post Primary Teachers threatened to walk out of Saturday’s AGM at Ngerenya Secondary School in Kilifi if the issue was not addressed.

The group, mostly high school teachers, claimed they had been contributing Sh200 from their pay, but when an emergency arose, they did not receive the Sh20,000 approved amount.

They also complained that the kitty was formed without their input, giving officials broad powers to manage the funds.

The AGM standoff forced Kuppet branch officials to call for the election of BBF committee members, with each subcounty sending one representative. A nine-person committee was formed.

 “We are not happy with what has been going on, the kitty was established without consulting us, our monies are being deducted monthly yet we don’t benefit whenever we are faced with emergencies,” Kioko Muli, a teacher from Malindi subcounty said.

Muli claimed that because they are the only signatories to the fund, Kuppet officials led by Kilifi branch executive secretary Caleb Mogere have mismanaged it.

Geoffrey Aomo, a Ganze teacher, accused Mogere of handpicking his committee members to oversee fund management.

“We are contributing but we are not seeing the money. There is a constitution that dictates the amount we are supposed to get when a teacher loses a loved one instead of getting Sh20,000, it is the executive secretary who decides whether to give Sh5,000 or Sh10, 000,” he said.

Tobias Baraka, a Malindi teacher, expressed confidence that the newly elected committee will work for teachers’ welfare.

“We have elected a committee, and one of its members will be co-opted as a signatory of the funds,” he explained.

For it to be vibrant, Tobias said it should have autonomy separate from the Kuppet issue, so that teachers’ affairs can be attended to promptly.

Mogere denied allegations that he mismanaged the BBF, claiming that teachers were simply excited.

Kuppet Teachers Protest Union’s Mismanagement of Benevolence Kitty


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