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KUPPET Seeks Sh8bn Budget Approval For Teacher’s Medical Cover

KUPPET Seeks Sh8bn Budget Approval For Teacher’s Medical Cover

The Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) has urged lawmakers to approve a Sh8 billion budget for teachers’ comprehensive medical coverage.

Akello Misori, secretary general of the Kuppet, stated that budget constraints could prevent teachers from receiving medical services.

Misori stated that, according to the TSC, the teachers’ insurance scheme funding is fifteen billion shillings.

Misori stated, “We want MPs to hasten the process and approve the amount because NHIF, which is the most preferred cover, wants Sh23.9 billion.”

At a Thursday news event, he stated that most educators favor the NHIF option.

“What we don’t want is to have teachers living in fear. So TSC must be open and give this tender to the highest bidder,” he said.

The head of the union said that Kuppet expects lawmakers to fix the problem with the teachers’ health insurance program.

Misori stated that the shortfall disqualifies NHIF from competing for the contract to provide complete medical services for teachers.

He stated that the Treasury and the Legislature could only guarantee the deficit.

He requested that the legislature fulfill its constitutional obligation to provide teachers with the highest benefits.

In August, TSC advertised for a provider of insurance services for educators.

A TSC advertisement stated that interested providers had until August 22 at 10 a.m. to submit their applications.

The circular states, “Teachers Service Commission invites sealed tenders for the provision of comprehensive teacher’s medical insurance cover.”

As of November 1, 2019, TSC has asked Minet Kenya Insurance Brokers for and given them the contract to cover all teachers and their dependents’ medical costs.

The advertisement states, “Tendering will be performed in accordance with a competitive National Open Tender utilizing a standard tender document and is open to all qualified and interested parties.”

A provider must possess valid registration certificates from the Insurance Regulatory Authority to qualify.

The contract will last less than three years and may be renewed yearly based on how well it is done.

In February, lawmakers urged the panel chaired by Nancy Macharia to heed teachers’ pleas and replace the medical insurance provider.

According to Emuhaya representative Omboko Milemba, it is time for a change because the current provider (Aon-Minet) has served teachers for a very long period.

He explained that educators are dissatisfied.

Milemba stated, “I’d want to urge that TSC switch providers, as teachers are really dissatisfied.”

The TSC’s financial manager, Cheptumo Ayabei, said that changing providers need a lot of bidding but that this will be thought about.

In February 2022, Minet released new guidelines for its instructors and dependents seeking medical care.

Teachers were only permitted to change their dependents once per calendar year.

One of the new rules says that biometric verification will replace code verification at all Minet facilities on the list.

KUPPET Seeks Sh8bn Budget Approval For Teacher’s Medical Cover


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