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Kuppet Opposes Plans To Reopen Schools In October 2020.

As the country is yet to know when exactly schools will reopen, Kenya Union Of Post Primary Education Teachers has come out strongly to oppose any possible move by Education CS Magoha to reopen schools earlier. 

Akelo Missouri argues that the reopening of schools before January 2020, will greatly affect the academic calendar. He noted that reopening earlier will lead to more challenges than it would when the Education Ministry sticks to its initial plan of reopening learning institutions next year. 

He added that learning was suspended in March just about 3 weeks before the end of term one and that if studies resume in October 2020 will automatically lead to term changes as 2nd term will have to run in January. Term 3 would then begin in March and end in June when students sit for their national examination. 

Magoha announced on Saturday that there could be a probable early reopening of schools than initially scheduled. Magoha however, clarified that the possibility of reopening schools in October would depend on the next 2 or 3 week's Covid-19 trend.

The KUPPET leader blamed the national government for failing to implement their laptop project as it would have bee of great importance at times like this. Probably learning would have continued. 

Misori recommended Magohas's assessment tours saying that he has done much in preparation for schools reopening. He, however, said that learning institutions do not operate with a template of what they are supposed to prepare or make ready. 

The Secretary-General asked the government to create more facilities such as classrooms and dormitories to enhance social distancing, and ensure there's enough water before schools reopen. 


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