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KUCCPS: How To Apply For Inter-University Transfer

KUCCPS: How To Apply For Inter-University Transfer

The transfer is usually done online through the student portal but it is currently closed. The procedure will be provided once the portal is open.

Keep on checking our website for an update on the inter-institution transfer date. KUCCPS will announce the dates for the next transfer cycle.


The Application will be for KCSE candidates who have been successfully placed to various universities and colleges in the 2021/2022 cycle but wish to be transferred to other institutions (Government-sponsored).

Here Is The Procedure On How To Apply For Inter-University Transfer

Step 1; Visit:
Step 2: Click Transfers Tab on Top (Then follow the steps below after payment)
Select the programme you want to transfer to, put the PROGRAMME CODE in the inter-institution transfer field. You will only be allowed to proceed to the next step if you meet the cutoff and minimum requirements.

Select the Reason for Transfer (Medical, Person With Disability, Financial Reasons, Not my preferred programme or other).

After selecting, attach a document that supports your reason for transfer. For continuing students who want to transfer. You must attach your transcripts.

Then fill in the reason for the Transfer Application in not less than 300 characters and not more than 300 characters.

The next step will load automatically if you have done everything right. Otherwise you will not be able to proceed to the next step.

Step 5: Transfer Payment
Follow the payment procedure that will appear after completing the reason for the transfer. Pay via Lipa Na Mpesa Pay bill and enter the Mpesa Confirmation Code.

The system will validate your payment and the next step will load automatically.

Then click submit. Enter you index number if asked to do so and click submit again.

The institution which you applied to transfer to (receiving institution) will receive your transfer and endorse or reject.

The major factor that will be considered by the receiving institution on whether to approve or reject your application is spaces available in the course you want to join.

Step 7: Endorsement By Releasing Institution
Once your transfer has been approved by the receiving institution, the releasing institution will then endorse you transfer.

Step 8: Review By KUCCPS
After being endorsed by both the receiving and the releasing institution, KUCCPS will be notified that the applicant has been accepted to join the institution that he applied to transfer to and he has been released from the institution that he was initially placed.

KUCCPS will then review you application for approval

Step 9: Transfer Letter
Once your application has been reviewed by KUCCPS and approved then the next and last step is downloading the transfer letter and presenting it during admission or reporting.

UPDATE : Transfer Forms can now be filled online. You don’t have to present them to the university of transfer physically.

NOTE 1: You will be required to pay ksh. 1,000 for inter inter institution transfer. Only proceed if you fully understand the transfer application instructions.

NOTE 3: Only KCSE 2020/2021 candidates are eligible for transfer.

NOTE 4: Change of course within the same University should be done after reporting at your University not through KUCCPS portal.

Endorsement and approval of application Timelines
The number of days it takes for the receiving institution to endorse your application varies depending on how faster the receiving institution’s registrar of academic is. It can take a day, a week, two weeks or even a month.

It takes about 14 working days for KUCCPS to review and approve your transfer after it has been endorsed by both the releasing and receiving institution.

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KUCCPS: How To Apply For Inter-University Transfer


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