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KU Teacher Professional Development (TPD) Programme- Online Application

KU Teacher Professional Development (TPD) Programme- Online Application

Teacher quality is the most important school-related factor in determining student achievement. 

The quality of education is as good as the quality of teachers. Continuing Teacher Professional Development is critical in promoting teacher professionalism by enabling teachers to develop the knowledge skills and expertise required to enhance teaching practice. 

TPD is therefore a career-long obligation for all practicing teachers.

Kenyatta University is a Service Provider Accredited by the Teachers Service Commission to implement the Teacher Professional Development Programme(TPD)


1. No matter how good pre-service or initial training of a teacher is, it does not prepare them to meet the emerging challenges in the ever-changing educational landscape.

2. TPD ensures that practicing teachers’ professional knowledge and skills are up to date with a view to delivering high-quality professional service that meets the expectations of the education.

3. TPD encourages and facilitates the development of communities of practice where teachers can share expertise and experiences with a view to achieving quality education in educational institutions.

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Kenyatta University invites applications from registered teachers in Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Institutions in Kenya. 

Be part of a remarkable profession and its bright future and enrol for the First Module of the TPD programme to be implemented from December 2021.


1. Kenyatta University is a renowned and the leading University in the region and prides itself as a Centre of Excellence in pre-service teacher education and continuing teacher professional development.

2. The University has over 50 years’ experience in teacher education and a wealth of capability and expertise in providing holistic educational services.

3. Learn from the best. KU has a large pool of experienced professional educators with the requisite knowledge, skills, attitude, and competence in diverse fields in teacher education.

4. The University has a vibrant and robust Directorate of Teaching Excellence that promotes teacher mentorship and continuing professional support. The university will therefore support schools in building a community of practice and life-long professional networks.

5. Kenyatta University provides a versatile and easy to navigate Learning Management System (LMS) that will support the online component of TPD.


The TPD programme will be delivered through modules intended to equip teachers with professional knowledge, skills, and attitudes to address Pedagogy and Content Knowledge using the Competency-Based Teacher Education Model. 

A Blended Learning approach will be used to deliver the content of the modules. This will entail Face To Face sessions and Online Learning.

1. Face to Face Sessions: The TPD face-to-face sessions will be conducted in various designated centers located in the sub-counties that will be easily accessible and convenient to teachers.

2. Online Learning: The TPD programme will also be delivered online. All the participants will receive the initial training required for online learning.

Other modes of delivery will include:

3. Participation in a country network of teachers to create a community of practice among teachers.

4. Follow-up observation visits to schools by university teacher educators to provide feedback and support.

5. Mentoring and peer observation (Lesson Study).


To apply for the “Introductory Module” which begins in December 2021, applicants are advised to complete and submit an online application form.


Applicants for the TPD Course will be required to pay Ksh 6,000 payable in Installments.

Applicants are expected to pay the fees through any of the following methods:


Cooperative Bank of Kenya

A/C No. 011-2906-246-1400

National Bank of Kenya

A/C No. 010-0305-915-0801

Equity Bank Limited

A/c No. 018-029-051-8859

Family Bank

A/C No. 045000023316

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TPD Coordinator

[email protected] 

Kenyatta University, School of Education: 020 8703788 EXT: 3795

Email: [email protected]

KU Teacher Professional Development (TPD) Programme- Online Application

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