Sunday, March 26, 2023
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KRA introduces tax education for schools and colleges

KRA introduces tax education for schools and colleges

KRA is now targeting high schools as it seeks to boost sensitisation on tax compliance and widen the tax net.

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has launched a pilot project in which students in high schools and colleges will gain knowledge on why they must pay taxes.

The taxman has designated 5 secondary schools and a university as centres of excellence for the tax education program.

Pwani University, Kyeni Girls High School, Kanga High School, Starehe Girls Centre, AIC Chebisaas, and Nakuru Girls High School are among them.

The institutions must have a functioning tax club and a well-equipped library in order to be considered a centre of excellence. They must also excel academically.

KRA Chief Manager, Stakeholder Engagement and Taxpayer Education Andrew Osiany said during the project launch at Nakuru Girls on Wednesday that the taxman is championing tax literacy to help students understand the importance of paying taxes.

Mr Osiany stated that the KRA will collaborate with schools to integrate tax training into the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).

He stated that KRA will increase the capacity of the centres in order to equip them to the same level as other learning institutions in their respective regions. “

“These centres will be consulted by other schools on taxation matters; hold tax talks, symposiums, tax debates, online programmes, and initiate other tax clubs around their regions.”

According to Osiany, the institutions will be taught tax administration topics such as the meaning of tax, the uses of tax, the mandate of the KRA, the tax audit process, and international tax, among others.

Nelson Mukuriah, KRA South Rift Valley Regional Coordinator, stated that tax education must begin at the fundamental level in order to change the negative attitude toward paying taxes.

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“KRA is viewed as a hostile institution that rudely demands money from Kenyans. However, the narrative must change and Kenyans must realise that the taxes they pay are beneficial to them,” he said.

Rose Menjo, the principal of Nakuru Girls, promised to establish a tax club at the school.

KRA introduces tax education for schools and colleges


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