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Teachers In Busia Neglected —Knut

Teachers In Busia Neglected —Knut

The Kenya National Union of Teachers (Busia branch) has accused the county of investing insufficient resources in education development.

According to Busia Knut branch secretary Justine Majale, the county’s neglect of the education sector’s growth is a ticking time bomb.

Majale said that an uneducated society is an insecure society adding that education is a critical pillar in the development of any society.

“The challenges that teachers experience in Busia are many,” he said.

“The people in Busia county mandated to address the plight of teachers do not listen to Knut teachers. We have many challenges to address, yet those expected to listen to us have continued to pay a deaf ear. ”

The county government is in charge of developing specific infrastructure in schools.

It is also responsible for providing bursaries to students and pupils, as well as training, employing, and paying Early Childhood Development Education teachers.

Majale was speaking to the press in Busia town after officials from Busia Knut met with Busia governor aspirant Paul Otuoma.

The union stated that teachers in Knut will not give up their fight to protect the rights of teachers, particularly ECDE instructors employed by the county.

Knut (Busia branch) secretary Patrick Mulamba, Knut (Teso branch) secretary Olakacuna Omuse, and Knut (Teso branch) chairman Olunga Ekweny accompanied Majale.

Olakacuna urged teachers in the county to keep the peace as the country prepares for the August 9 elections.

He stated that politicians should be at the forefront of preaching peace and preventing Kenyans from becoming divided.

Olunga bemoaned the lack of infrastructure in many of the county’s schools.

He explained that many of the roads leading to the majority of Busia’s schools are in poor condition making it difficult for some teachers to travel to and from their respective schools.

“The county should play a role in ensuring that some of these roads are well maintained so that both teachers and students can move freely.”

The Knut officials unanimously agreed to support Otuoma in his quest to become president.

Knut officials unanimously agreed to support Otuoma’s bid to become Busia County’s second governor.

They are confident that after becoming governor, the former Funyula MP will transform the education sector.


Otuoma stated that under his administration, teachers in the county will have a pleasant working environment.

He stated that his administration will distribute teacher positions fairly in the seven sub-counties of Teso North, Teso South, Nambale, Butula, Matayos, Samia, and Bunyala.

Teachers In Busia Neglected —Knut



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