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KNUT Wants More Sign Language Interpreters, Teachers Employed

KNUT Wants More Sign Language Interpreters, Teachers Employed

Kirinyaga Branch of the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) has urged the government to consider hiring more special needs interpreters.

They cited a lack of adequate specialized personnel, particularly sign language interpreters, as a barrier to the deaf’s ability to articulate their agendas.

People living with disabilities, such as the deaf, are part of society and must be included in all ongoing activities, according to The County KNUT chairperson Alex Ngondi and Executive Secretary Patrick Kanaiyu.

The two were speaking in Kutus Town, where they were preparing for the county’s post-World Teachers Day celebrations.

“The deaf are just people like us, they need to communicate, either to pass information or seek an understanding of various subjects,” said Kanaiyu.

However, the executive secretary expressed concern that the number of teachers and sign language interpreters in all sectors is limited.

Kanaiyu advocated for the establishment of training programs so that the general public understands the importance of assisting the deaf.

He noted that the country does not have enough sign language personnel or teachers.

KNUT urged the government to provide training to all stakeholders, including the media so that the deaf have a forum and ways to communicate with the rest of the world.

Kanaiyu singles out public gatherings where deaf people are left to communicate among themselves because no assistance is provided to include them in the agenda being discussed.

“These people have been left to communicate among themselves, in public gatherings, there are no interpreters and the deaf remain seated in special positions chatting on their owns issues because they normally don’t understand what is going on,” he said

Kanaiyu added that having interpreters at all public gatherings will allow them to participate and have their contributions recognized everywhere.

The executive officer also stated that, with the new CBC education curriculum, they are collaborating with the County government to streamline education matters, particularly in the ECDE, because there is widespread confusion about whether the new curriculum begins with ECDE or Grade One.

On the other hand, the county KNUT chairperson stated that the president’s taskforce will address all of the complaints raised by teachers and parents.

“We are happy with the taskforce on CBC. We have been receiving a lot of complaints not only from parents but also our staff. We will soon provide amicable solutions on all the contested issues,” said Ngondi.


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