Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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KNUT Teachers To Boycott Classrooms When Learning Resumes in 2021

 Teachers of Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) now threatens to strike when learning resumes in January next year in what they term as impartiality and mistreatment of Knut affiliated teachers when it comes to the Scheme of Services.

 The Secretary General of the giant union Honorable Wilson Sossion has accused Teachers Service Commission (TSC) of ignoring Kenya National Union of Teachers members an act that he claims has denied more than thirty thousand teachers their rightful promotions and increment of salary. 

 Citing a promotion by TSC that saw more 47,000 Kenyan teachers being promoted to job group C1 from job group B5 via Career Progression Guidelines (CPG), Sossion says it is evident that teachers who have benefited from this promotion are either belonging to KUPPET or do not belong to any union. 

 It's for this reason that Kenya National Union of Teachers threatens to engage Teachers Service Commission through industrial action when studies resumes next year until the 2017-2021 CBA is honored, a move that is likely to jeopardize resumption of learning in January 2021. 

 Honorable Sossion claims that teachers are Kenyans and are protected under the Kenyan constitution to exercise their rights and freedoms through boycotting classrooms adding that it is wrong to punish KNUT's teachers intentionally. 

 In 2018 Dec the commission had moved to court to stop KNUT teachers from protesting, after Secretary General Sossion issued them a strike notice over the CBA’s discrimination. The secretary general of Central Organization of Trade Unions mr Francis Atwoli then intervened as a mediator between the two side but all was in vain as the case was left before the Labor Court unresolved. 

 The court through Justice Ongaya stated that it was the responsibility of Teachers Service Commission to promote teachers but mantained that TSC and KNUT should sit down and revise the scheme of services. 


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