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KNUT Gains More Than 6000 Teachers In Two Months

KNUT Gains More Than 6000 Teachers In Two Months
According to officials, at least 6,000 teachers have rejoined the Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) in the last two months.

By the end of October, the union’s membership had risen to 18,000 members. Knut had only 12,000 members when the union held elections in June.

Collins Oyuu, the union’s secretary-general, stated that by Wednesday of this week, the forms of 3,000 more teachers seeking to rejoin were being processed.

“We have noted a trend where teachers are scrambling to return to the union since the employer reopened the Third Party TPAY portal where teachers can exit or re-join union,” said Oyuu.

He stated that the portal was launched in July, but that member processing was delayed due to technical issues.

“The Teachers Service Commission told us that they could not process membership because the portal had some issues. But after it was rectified, we saw good enrolment of members,” Oyuu said on Thursday.

Oyuu also stated that during the month of November, KNUT processed approximately 3,000 forms, which will be completed in a few days.

Union officials had hoped that TSC would restore the union register as it was in June 2019 at the time of the Knut elections. Knut had 187, 471 members at this point, paying the union Sh144 million in union dues each month.

However, as the dispute between the union and the employer heated up in July and August of the same year, Knut received no union dues.

In October, the membership fell to 110, 000, and in November, it fell to 105, 000. Knut’s membership had shrunk to 12,000 by June of this year, when it held national elections.

TSC has long fought the perception that it was behind the mass exodus of Knut teachers.

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TSC was accused by Knut officials, led at the time by Wilson Sossion, of interfering with the union’s register by engaging in activities that reduced membership.

TSC chief executive Nancy Macharia, in a report to MPs, explained that teachers were left on their own after it was revealed that a court ruling on Career Progression Guidelines (CPG) that the employer was implementing denied them new salary benefits.

Dr. Macharia stated that her commission was powerless to overturn the court’s decision.

KNUT Gains More Than 6000 Teachers In Two Months


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