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Mitihani House Incomplete Since 1985, KNEC Seeks Sh2 billion More

National Assembly education committee chair Florence Mutua said this project will soon be slashed out of the budget.

Mitihani House Incomplete Since 1985, KNEC Seeks Sh2 billion More

Mitihani House’s construction, which began nearly 35 years ago, is still unfinished.

The government has contributed approximately Sh1.9 billion to its completion since 2016.

Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) is still seeking Sh2 billion in funding for its construction through the fiscal year 2024/2025.

As the project progresses, there are fears that KNEC will spend taxpayers’ money on rent at a rate of Sh110 million per year.

In February 1986, the initial contract awarded to Mavji Construction Company Ltd as the main contractor cost Sh258 million.

According to Florence Mutua, chair of the National Assembly’s education committee, this project will be cut from the budget soon.

She stated that the structure would be finished before the end of the year, allowing the establishment to print national exams.

She also chastised KNEC for failing to follow through on its commitment, claiming that the council is likely to lose this budget allocation.

The project was allocated Sh500 million in the previous fiscal year in order to complete its construction.

However, Andrew Otieno, who represented KNEC CEO David Njengére, stated that the funds were used to pay off some outstanding bills after the previous contractor went to court and halted construction.

According to Zadock Ogutu, MP for Bomachoge Borabu, the project may no longer be funded.

Incomplete Mitihani House has gobbled over Sh2.5 billion since 1985

“I remember very well the CS pleaded last time and asked for Sh500 million and said he will not come again. We gave him money, he did not come back and we don’t have the building,” Ogutu said.

Nominated MP Wilson Sossion supported the decision to stop funding the project, stating that Mutua does not need to include Mtihani House in his budget.

Engineers estimated in March 2017 that the project would require approximately Sh1.8 billion to complete the remaining works.

Mitihani House was established to house all KNEC activities in South C, off Mombasa Road, next to the Kenya Bureau of Standards.

Towers A, B, and C were to have a common basement, ground floor, and six upper floors.

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As part of the project, a printing plant was planned to process all of the council’s examination papers.

The first phase was the construction of the printing press block next to the New Mitihani House, which was completed for Sh113 million by Capital Construction Company Ltd.

Mitihani House Incomplete Since 1985, KNEC Seeks Sh2 billion More.
The New Mtihani house in south C in Nairobi in a picture taken on April 7, 2021, the building is the proposed Kenya National Examination council Headquarters and has been in construction since 1985.PHOTO|SILA KIPLAGAT

Mitihani House Incomplete Since 1985, KNEC Seeks Sh2 billion More.



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