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Ministry Warns Against Cheating In KCPE and KCSE Examination, Gives Update On Preparedness

Ministry Warns Against Cheating In KCPE and KCSE Examination, Gives Update On Preparedness.

The Cabinet Secretary for Education Prof. George Magoha has stated that the national exams, which are set to begin on March 7th, will be fully credible.

Magoha warned that anyone planning to cheat in the examination process will face the full force of the law.

He stated that the exams are ready and have been scheduled in light of the fact that students missed a significant amount of learning time due to school closures caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The CS said the government has beefed up security and prepared enough planes to fly the exams to all areas to avoid delays in volatile areas such as North Eastern and Baringo.

The CS urged education and security officials across the country to be vigilant during the administration of national exams in order to avoid leaks and other forms of examination malpractice.

He warned that the Ministry is closely monitoring the situations in the volatile areas to ensure that peace will prevail in those areas.  If necessary, Magoha noted that candidates could be forced to relocate to more secure areas where they will take their exams.

“We are monitoring the situations in the volatile areas much closely and we hope peace will prevail in those areas. If need arises, then we shall be forced to shift candidates to more secure areas, where they will take their exams,” said Magoha.

Govt Reduces Number of Examination Centres By 643
Govt Reduces Number of Examination Centres By 643

The exams will take place between February 28 and April 1, with police officers providing security throughout the country.

The Ministry of Education has officially laid out the logistics and operating formula for the national examinations in 2021.

Kenya National Examinations Council CEO David Njengere stated that the exams will be administered in a timely manner.

According to Njengere, the measures are intended to reduce the risk of exam malpractice.

To begin, sub-county directors and deputy county commissioners will be required to open the exam containers on time.

They will then distribute the materials to the various testing locations. CS Education George Magoha cautioned administrators against delegating the duty of opening containers to anyone else.


“Some centre managers especially in Kamukunji, can make deals with the officers in uniform. If you find any, such officers should be swiftly removed to avoid leakage,” Magoha said.

Njengere urged the officials to keep the security padlocks in good condition. “If there are any issues with the padlocks or the container during the examinations, they should be brought to the attention of Knec,” Njengere said.

The exam materials will then be handed over in person to the center managers, who will be escorted by armed police officers.

“Education officers working in collaboration with TSC counterparts must ensure that centre managers, supervisors, and invigilators are briefed on their roles,” Njengere said.

The council has also established a command and call center, which will be used for communication and exam monitoring. Toll-free numbers for the call center are 0800 724 900 and 0800 721 410.

CBC eliminates police and invigilators from exam rooms

Knec has implemented programs to guide the assessment of oral exams, the distribution of materials during exams, and the return of answer scripts.

The council registered 1,225,507 candidates in 28,316 KCPE examination centers this year, up from 1,191,752 candidates in 28,467 centers in 2020.

This represents a 33,755 increase, or 2.75 percent. 831,015 candidates registered for the KCSE exam in 10,413 centers, compared to 752,981 in 10,437 centers in 2020.

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This represents a 9.39 percent increase of 78,034 people. 491 distribution centers will serve KCPE exam centers, while 483 distribution centers will serve KCSE exam centers.

Ministry Warns Against Cheating In KCPE and KCSE Examination, Gives Update On Preparedness.



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