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KNEC Opens CBC Exams Portal; How to Register

KNEC Opens CBC Exams Portal; How to Register.

The Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) has opened its portal for Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) assessments, where students can select preferred schools as they progress through the 6-2-3-3 system.

The Competency Based Assessment (CBA) portal includes procedures for how a parent can register, capture, and check the scores of students at a school of choice.

A student will be able to enroll in a school of their choice while also transferring from one institution to another at any time.

A parent will be required to access the CBA portal via the KNEC website after registering a learner.

b) Click on Register Learners button

c) Click on Add Learners button

d) Capture leaner details are required

e) Click on Save learner button

The selection and registration process is only available to Grade 3 students for the Age-Based pathway and Foundation and Intermediate students for the Stage-Based pathway.

If a parent makes a mistake during the registration process, the government has made it possible to change the process.

At this point, a parent will select a learner, click the Edit button, and then the Save Learner button.

You will be prompted to update the learner’s information.

To remove a learner, a parent must first select the learner and then click the Delete button.

A learner transferring to another school will be required to provide the assessment number, according to the exam body. If the assessment number is not available, the learner’s previous school code or school name can be used to find it.

At this point, a learner must access the CBA portal via the KNEC website and follow the procedures outlined below.

a) Enter the School Username and Password to choose a Grade or Level.

b) Select the Register Learners option.
c) Select Add Learner from Another School (Transfer).

d) Enter the learner’s Assessment Number, then click the Find button.

e) Select the Transfer option.

Following completion of the aforementioned procedures, a transfer request must be sent to the previous school.

When the request is accepted, the learners will be transferred automatically.

KNEC advised that if a learner encounters difficulties with the transfer process, he or she should contact the Sub County Director of Education.

By declining a school of no choice, the government allowed a parent or learner to exercise full authority.

This includes steps in which a learner must still visit the CBA portal.

At this point, it is recommended that you follow the first three procedures, and then at the second last stage, you will be asked to accept or decline the transfer.

It comes just a month after KNEC Chief Executive Officer David Njegere announced that candidates would take a School-Based Assessment (SBA) test in their home institutions in November, which would be graded by their teachers.

The evaluation results will be posted to the portal, and students will then register for the national exam.

The national examination will be the first of its kind as part of the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).

“Learners should be registered and assigned a number by KNEC. They should have undertaken School Based Assessment for the intermediate level and outcomes of at least one SBA uploaded on to the KNEC portal,” Njegere’s statement read in part.


Over 1.25 million students are scheduled to take the exam required for the transition to Junior Secondary School under the new system.

Headteachers, parents, and candidates can check their registration status by texting (Exam) to 20076. (Index Number).

KNEC Opens CBC Exams Portal; How to Register

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