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KNEC: January 2023 IGCSE Subjects Available

KNEC: January 2023 IGCSE Subjects Available

Anyone who is familiar with the IGCSE curriculum is aware that it offers a wide range of disciplines.

The IGCSE curriculum has been designed to satisfy the needs of the contemporary socioeconomic environment.

Students may select five to ten or more subjects from the IGCSE curriculum.

KNEC: January 2023 IGCSE Subjects Available

1.Accounting4AC11 & 2
2.Arabic ( First Language)4AA11 & 2
3.Biology4BI11 & 2
4.Chemistry4CH11 & 2
5.Commerce4CM11 & 2
6.Economics4EC11 & 2
7.English Language Spec. A4EA1A1 & 2
8.English Language Spec. B4EB11
9.English as a Second Language4ES11 & 2
10.English Literature4ET1A1 & 2
11.Further Pure Mathematics4PM11&2
12.Human Biology4HB11 & 2
13.Mathematics Spec. A4MA1F1F & 2F
14.Mathematics Spec. A4MA1H1H & 2H
15.Mathematics Spec. B4MB11 &  2
16.Physics4PH11 & 2
17.Science ( Double Award)4SD0Biology P1, Chem P1
and Phys P1

Candidates who have sat for Pearson-Edexcel International Examinations before are required to submit copies of their previous result slips.

How to Choose Subjects for the IGCSE

The curriculum at the University of Cambridge differs from the General Certificate of Secondary Education.

The IGCSE is an international certification for those who have completed secondary school.

More than 70 subjects are included in the IGCSE curriculum, with Math, Chemistry, and English being the most important.

In addition, there are courses focused on entrepreneurship and computer-related topics. Art and Social Sciences are among the others.

Two Major IGCSE Categories

There are two subcategories for the IGCSE: core and extended. IGCSE Core permits students to receive a grade between C and G.

Individuals or students who wish to receive grades ranging from A to E take the IGCSE.

There is a grade overlap for pupils who are neither anticipated to perform worse nor better.

Included in the IGCSE core subjects are the three major topics (Math, Chemistry, and English).

Although there are more subjects in the core IGCSE, extended A-level subjects include these three.

What to Consider Prior to Selecting IGCSE Subjects

The importance of picking the proper combination of IGCSE topics must be communicated to parents, as this will affect their children’s employment options.

Consider a student who exhibits interest in pursuing a profession in medicine.

In such a circumstance, useful and necessary disciplines include Physics and Biology.

Although career choice may be a valid basis for selecting IGCSE subjects, it is not the only one.

If a student excels in a particular area of study, it is not detrimental to list two or three subjects under their preferences.

The approved method for selecting IGCSE subjects is a combination of the school’s recommendations and the student’s preferences.

At least some of the student’s selections overlap with subjects that will be advantageous to their future careers.

While many intelligences play a role in a student’s ability to get A-level topics, reducing the number of available options will minimize the expenditures associated with independent study.

It is also important to note that foreign tests have grade criteria for IGCSE subjects.

These should be the most important criteria for determining which courses to take, and although it may put students under pressure, the right amount of motivation and stress will push them to study smarter and harder in order to gain admission to the universities and schools that will help them launch their careers.

KNEC: January 2023 IGCSE Subjects Available

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