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KNEC Contact Information, Role And Functions

KNEC Contact Information, Role And Functions

  •  Set and manage and develop national examinations
  •  Research educational evaluation
  • Manage public academic, technical and other national examinations within Kenya at basic and tertiary levels
  • Advice the Government on any policy decision relevant to, or has implications on the functions of the Council or the administration of examinations in Kenya
  • Grant certificates or diplomas to candidates in such examinations. (Before-mentioned certificates or diplomas, shall not be denied from the candidate by anybody or organisation)
  • Validate the authenticity of certificates or diplomas assigned by the Council upon request by the government, public institutions, learning institutions, employers and other interested individuals.
  •  Advice any public institution on the development and use of any system or assessment when requested to do so, and following such terms and conditions as shall be mutually agreed between the Council and the public institutions
  •  Improve the global recognition of qualifications bestowed by the Council


  •  Do anything related or helpful to the performance of the above duties.
  • Improve examination policies, practices and laws
  •  Register candidates for the KNEC examinations
  •  Conduct examinations and process the results
  •  Award certificates and diplomas to successful candidates
  •  Conduct analysis of educational evaluation
  •  Carry out the comparison of certificates and diplomas allotted by other trustworthy examining boards
  •  Conduct examinations on the support of foreign examination boards
  • Guide the national government on examinations and certification matters.

KNEC’s Core Values

  • Accountability – Accountable for decisions and actions, including stewardship of public resources and performance by the clarity of duties and roles;
  •  Integrity – Committed to working in an honest, fair, responsible and transparent way.
  • Team spirit – Embrace collaboration both in the Council and with all associates in the provision of services
  •  Professionalism – Committed to the highest levels of achievement obtainable through competence and critical skills;
  •  Inclusiveness – committed to embracing equality in relevant KNEC services
  •  Quality customer service – Putting the Customer first and giving services that surpass customer expectations
  • Innovativeness – Committed to creativity in delivering on the centre mandate and acknowledging to growing market demand.

Kenya National Examination Council Contacts.

Chief Executive Officer

P.O. Box: 73598 00200,

Nairobi, Kenya.

Head Office:

National Housing Corporation (NHC) House

Aga Khan Walk,


+254 020 3317412 / 3317413 / 3317419 / 3317427 / 3341027 3341050 / 3341071 / 3341098 / 3341113 / 2213381 



+254-020- 2226032

South C Offices

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New Mitihani House

Foreign Section – 0202143412
Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) Section – 0771813972
Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) Section – 0772069891
PTE Section – 0772069882
Technical Section – 0771813866/0771814259
Business Section – 0771814060/0771814105
Archives – 0732333566/0720741004 

Industrial Area Offices

Ministry of Public Works, Supplies Branch, Likoni Road.

Call us today!

+254 -020 6650820 

Mobile Number

0720-741003/ 0732-333530 

Mitihani House

Dennis Pritt Road, Kilimani

+254 – 020-2713874 / 020-2713894 / 020-2713845 / 020-2711536 

Important KNEC  Links



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