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CBC, 8-4-4 Systems Go For The National Examinations

CBC, 8-4-4 Systems Go For The National Examinations.

The government has reiterated that the upcoming national examinations will take place as planned.

Dr Julius Jwan, Principal Secretary of the State Department of Early Learning and Basic Education, made the remarks on Monday at Simotwet Secondary School in Eldama Ravine during the commissioning of Baringo’s first Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) classroom.

Jwan stated that the government is aware of the insecurity situation affecting parts of Baringo and assured that the matter is being addressed by the security team, adding that once the modalities are ready, they will provide proper directions.

Dr. Jwan was referring to the Kerio Valley’s insecurity, which has recently seen armed bandits attack schools in the area.

The PS went on to say that the CBC implementation was well underway and that everything was going as planned.

He also praised the Koibatek Sub-County CBC infrastructure implementation committee, led by the Deputy County Commissioner, for completing the County’s first CBC classroom.

Dr. Jwan stated that the public is confused about CBC, which he defines as a conceptual framework for teaching and learning.

“Some people confuse CBC with 8-4-4 system; 8-4-4 is a structure of learning the same way we have 2-6-3-3, but we cannot compare the structure with a conceptual framework of teaching and learning, which is a methodology of teaching,” Dr Jwan said.

He stated that the government was pleased with the progress made in implementing the curriculum.

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Dr. Jwan believes that more resources should be directed toward day schools, which he claims serve approximately 75% of the country’s secondary school students.

“It is in our interest to empower the same schools to have enough infrastructure and as you have seen with the way we are implementing the CBC, we don’t discriminate on the big and small schools,” added the PS.

He went on to say that the priority was to ensure that the day schools, which serve up to 75% of students, are well-equipped so that students get what they deserve in any other school.

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Dr. Jwan encouraged students who will be taking national exams in a fortnight to remain positive despite the fact that the academic calendar has been disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The government is aware of that and we will ensure everyone gets a share of what they deserve,” he said.

The Rift Valley Regional Director of Education, Jared Obiero, Eldama Ravine Deputy County Commissioner Omar Ali, and other Sub-County heads of departments also attended the function.

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CBC, 8-4-4 Systems Go For The National Examinations



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