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242,406 teachers to supervise and mark 2021 KCSE and KCPE

242,406 teachers to supervise and mark 2021 KCSE and KCPE.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has delegated national exam supervision and marking duties to 242,406 teachers.

TSC boss Nancy Macharia said during an inter-ministerial address at the Kenya School of Government on Friday, February 18, that the teachers will be presented to the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) to serve as invigilators, supervisors, centre managers, and examiners.

“Only the best cream of teachers, those who do not have any known disciplinary issues, have been identified as part of the Commission’s determination to guarantee integrity in examination administration,” she said.

According to KNEC CEO Dr David Njeng’ere, 1,225,507 candidates have registered for the 2021 KCPE, while 831,015 will take the KCSE.

Enrollment represents a relatively significant increase over the previous year’s candidate population.

Thirty-three thousand, seven hundred and fifty-five (33,755) more candidates will take the KCPE in 2021 than in 2020. There were 1,191,752 candidates who registered for the 2020 KCPE.

KNEC Issues Directive On 2021 KCPE, KCSE Exams
David Njeng’ere, CEO of KNEC

The enrollment for the 2021 KCSE class has increased significantly from that of 2020, with 78,034 more candidates taking the secondary exam. 752,981 people registered for the 2020 KCSE final exam.

“KCPE centres will be served from 491 distribution centres, while KCSE centres will be served from 483 distribution centres,” said Njeng’ere.

The 2021 KCPE exam will be administered between March 7 and March 9, 2022.

The KCSE exam, on the other hand, will be held from February 28 to April 1, 2022.

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Despite registering for the KCPE 2020, twelve thousand, four hundred and sixteen (12,416) candidates did not take the national exam.

Despite enrolling in the KCSE 2020, 9000, 373 (9,373) students did not take the exam.

The candidates missed the exams due to the Covid-19 crisis, early marriage, and adolescent pregnancy, according to the Ministry of Education.

Schools close early as new concerns about exam preparedness emerge.

242,406 teachers to supervise and mark 2021 KCSE and KCPE



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