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KNEC Changes 2022 KCSE Cheating Prevention Tactics 

KNEC Changes 2022 KCSE Cheating Prevention Tactics.

The Kenyan National Examination Council (KNEC) announced additional steps to combat new cheating in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) 2022 examination.

The CEO of the KNEC, David Njeng’ere, told the media on Friday, December 2, that the second session papers will be put in the exam rooms while the first exams are being taken.

He implied that the action addressed concerns regarding some schools’ pre-exposure to examination materials.

The KNEC director elaborated that the students, the invigilators, and the police would secure the papers.

He also mentioned that the exam papers would be made available earlier than expected due to the council’s policy change.

In addition, he indicated that the council had altered the exam paper distribution schedule.

In addition, he cautioned students against exam cheating and stated that the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) was monitoring students’ behavior and internet usage.

Njeng’ere disclosed that more than 20 cell phones were confiscated on the first day of national tests, with Garissa County being the most affected.

The head of examinations stated that a special team of detectives was analyzing the phones to discover if the exams had been leaked to pupils.

“KNEC officials did an exemplary job before the students could use them. Those phones are with the DCI for analysis and if the students are found culpable, we shall deal with it as per the guidelines,” he stated.

He also promised that students would be subjected to more extensive searches for illegal materials before exams began.

In this regard, he stated that pupils would be subjected to more extensive searches before examinations to discover if they were carrying contraband.

These procedures are a part of the exam body’s previously issued guidelines, which also prohibit the distribution of supplementary examination papers to proctors and teachers.

The KCSE began on December 1 and will conclude on December 23.

KNEC Changes 2022 KCSE Cheating Prevention Tactics 


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