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KIST To Be Elevated To National Polytechnic Status – CS Machogu

KIST To Be Elevated To National Polytechnic Status – CS Machogu

Before the end of the year, the Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology will be elevated to a national polytechnic.

During the groundbreaking ceremony for a new boarding facility and Industrial Mechatronics Workshop at the institute, Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu confirmed that the institution would be upgraded.

“My first major assignment is to make sure that KIST becomes a national technical training polytechnic before the year ends,” he said.

This effort is part of the Promotion of Youth Employment and Vocational Training in Kenya program, which comprises seven institutions in the country and aims to build centers of excellence and contribute to quality, relevant education, and training.

The CS said that the project would be expanded to other parts of the country that don’t have access to TVET institutions and other facilities that the government has promised to build in the coming years.

“The workshops, classrooms and dormitories to be constructed starting today will contribute to increased access, inclusivity and equity for students from all over the country including those with special needs,” he said

The Federal Republic of Germany supports this program, which has already received about Sh4.1 billion for its second phase, which will help many students all over the country.

KIST is one of the seven Centers of Excellence for dual technical, vocational education, and training in certain course areas. The government has assured its development partners.

The Cabinet Secretary also mentioned that the government has allocated Sh1.8 billion in the current fiscal year for the construction and equipping of Technical Training Institutes and Vocational Training Centers, stating that these are essential for the production of the critical human resource capacity for economic transformation.

Additionally, Machogu said the Government has allocated Sh1.1 billion to improve access and quality of Technical and Vocational Education and Training programs, Sh527 million for Technical, Vocational Education Training and Entrepreneurship, and Sh971 million for the Promotion of Youth Employment and Vocational Training.

The principal of KIST, Sammy Waititu, praised the government and the Germany Cooperation for the idea, which was supposed to open in 2020 but has been delayed due to land and budgetary issues.

“We have been looking forward to the launch of this project since 2020. We are happy it’s here now.

“I am also aware that the German Government is supporting other initiative through Wings to Fly programme which targets both basic and tertiary learners, through which needy learners are reached and enabled to access education,” said the principal.

KIST To Be Elevated To National Polytechnic Status – CS Machogu


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