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Kisii, Nyamira Schools 2022 KCSE Exam Results Sparks Debate After Outshining Academic Giants

Kisii, Nyamira Schools 2022 KCSE Exam Results Sparks Debate After Outshining Academic Giants

Spectacular 2022 KCSE examination results in Kisii and Nyamira counties have sparked public debate across the country, with Kenyans flocking to social media and other schools to explore the reasons for such a significant improvement.

An review of the results from 12 schools in the two counties reveals that some schools that previously had a mean score between 5 and 7 now have scores of 9 or 10.

Lots of high schools, including Nyambaria and Mobamba, had all 488 and 388 of their applicants gain university entrance, respectively.

Nyambaria High School in Nyamira County made headlines after achieving 28 A plains, but maybe what strikes out most is the fact that all 488 students who took the exam would be attending university after achieving the necessary grades.

In 2021, the school’s mean score on the exam was 9.30; this year, it was 10.897.

Charles Onyari, Nyambaria Boys High School Principal, said: “I really thank all the candidates of last year for the results that they have posted, and we shall always remember them because it has gone into history. This is the first time this school has recorded that mean.”

The chairman of the school board, Lazarus Momanyi, stated that the school’s infrastructure has improved over the past few years due to the government’s tremendous support. 

“We’re very happy with the patronage we get from our County Education Office; you come here every other time and you will find that they have visited our school to find out how we’re doing and give the necessary guidance.”

Mobamba High School, which had 348 candidates in the 2022 exam and is located in Nyamira County, will see all of its graduates enroll in university. The school has raised its mean score from 5.11 in 2021 to 9.28 in the most recent exam.

It’s the same story at Kebirigo High School, Nyakongo Boys, Kebabe Girls, St. Kizito Nyansiongo Boys, and a number of other schools; school administrators refute the concept that something is amiss.

Ezekiel Okeyo, the Principal of St. Kizito Nyansiongo Boys High School, said: “As a school we have performed very well [because] we had sat down and set our targets. I want to thank all the stakeholders, board of management, sponsor teachers and the students, they have made us gain the mean that we got.”

Principal Beatrice Bironga of Kebabe Girls Secondary School chipped in, “I want to thank the teachers who worked very hard, because without their hard work and support, we would not have posted this mean.”

Kuura Secondary School also saw a significant increase in its mean score on the most recent exam, from 5.37 to 9.11 between 2021 and 2022. In 2021, the school’s mean score was 5.37; in 2022, it was 9.11.

In 2022, St. Pauls Igonga had a mean score of 10.26, which was significantly higher than its previous mean score of 6.

The mean score at Cardinal Otunga Secondary School, which likewise had an outstanding performance, raised from 7.44 to 10.76.

Nyabururu High School, Kisii School, Kiage Tumaini, and Nyabisase Secondary School excelled on the 2021 KCSE exam.

It is anticipated that the greater Gusii region would remain in the limelight throughout the 2022 performance, as the principals insist that the results are the result of their hard work and determination.

As he released the KCSE results for 2022, Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu did not address the subject of examination irregularities.

Kisii, Nyamira Schools 2022 KCSE Exam Results Sparks Debate After Outshining Academic Giants


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