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KISE to Support Parents and Children With Disabilities

KISE to Support Parents and Children With Disabilities

The Kenya Institute of Special Education (KISE) has held a two-day Conference to raise awareness about caring for disabled children at the family level.

The conference is slated for the 23rd and 24th of November 2022 at KISE in Kasarani.

The theme is ‘Parental empowerment and engagement in nurturing the potential of children with disabilities.’

The agenda for implementing policies to improve service delivery in the Special Needs Education subsector will be established during the conference, which will be in-person or virtually.

KISE Director Dr. Norman Kiogora stated on Tuesday during a Media Breakfast meeting that the conference is aimed primarily at parents of children with special needs.

“We have discovered that all the other conferences have been focusing on children with disabilities but this conference we want to hear the story of the parent who keeps this child day and night so as to encourage them on how to take care of them,” said Kiogora.

He stated that empowering the child without taking care of the caregiver is not very helpful, adding that KISE is aiming for approximately 500 parents of children with special needs to physically attend the meeting and share their stories, motivating others who are hiding their children.

He emphasized that every child, regardless of impairment, is capable of learning; all they need is an expert and parent training, and then the child may access any facility on their own; he also noted that all they require is not favoritism but an opportunity to thrive.

The Director disclosed that the top researchers in the country are persons with disabilities, adding that their concentration allows them to do even better.

“We want to tell the world that children with disabilities can become the best given an opportunity to do so.

“I thank the government for equipping KISE with resources so that any child can be assessed and advised accordingly and even get the services at a very low cost,” added the Director.

At KISE, he added, services are inexpensive, noting that the services children with disabilities receive in the private sector for Sh100 cost Sh5,000.

Some of the facilities they have are exclusive to South Africa and nowhere else in Africa.

According to KISE, a parent of a child with special needs will be asked to pay an enrollment fee of Ksh 11,000 to attend the conference, which will cover the cost of lodging for the parent, the kid, and the caregiver, while other attendees will be forced to pay Ksh 3,000.

At the same time, KISE Deputy Academic Registrar Examination and Conference Chairperson Johannah Mweu stated that KISE would support parents and children.

At the same time, the KISE Deputy Academic Registrar Examination and the Chairperson of the Conference Johannah Mweu said that the parents and the children shall be supported through KISE.

Regarding the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC), Mweu stated that through KISE, parents would be empowered to see that their children are as involved as they are.

In her remarks, Research, and Innovation Coordinator Dr. Lynet Ong’era acknowledged that it has been difficult to determine the precise number of disabled children in Kenya.

Dr. Lynet stated that the government is creating a data center where children of all ages will be established.

They are surveying the number of school-aged children with disabilities.

She stated that KISE and the Ministry of Education conducted a survey in 2017, which revealed that 11% of school-aged children have impairments.

KISE to Support Parents and Children With Disabilities


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