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Kirinyaga County Responds To Claims of 12,000 Students Having STIs

Kirinyaga County Responds To Claims of 12,000 Students Having STIs.

On Monday, November 28, George Karoki, a member of the Kirinyaga County executive committee for medical services, refuted earlier allegations that over 12,000 students had been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

The CECM highlighted in a letter that the assertions made by Kirinyaga Central Sub-county Director of Education Kennedy Machora could not be supported.

Instead, the subordinate of Governor Anne Waiguru reported that the entire county registered only 4,409 STI cases.

The highlighted sub-county accounted for just 1,345 of the cases.

“This year, the Department of Health documented and treated 1,345 cases of sexually transmitted infections in Kirinyaga Central Sub-county and 4,409 cases in the overall county. However, these examples pertain to the general community and not a particular patient cohort.

“Whereas community education to deter our youths from risky sexual behavior must be embraced by all sectors, it is equally important for officers in other departments to consult the health department for accurate data,” stated Karoki.

In his statement, Karoki also asserted that Machora’s data was grossly inflated, contradicting assertions that the county conducted widespread STI tests on schoolchildren.

“We find it very reckless and irresponsible for a Government Officer to make such blanket unsubstantiated statements and would like him to present the source of his information, failure to which he should be held accountable.

“Our Health Department has a very vibrant public health education and disease prevention program and as a county government we remain unwaveringly committed to offering the highest standards of preventive and curative healthcare services to all our residents, students included,” he added.

In a previous speech to the press, Machora said that only 4,000 students in the sub-county tested negative for a STI, causing anxiety throughout the county.

He highlighted that the high numbers had required an emergency meeting between the state and locals to discuss ways to prevent the problem.

According to reports, ambulances are on standby in Kajiado County after 140 pupils taking national examinations in 2022 became pregnant. In Narok, the population is 248.

Kirinyaga County Responds To Claims of 12,000 Students Having STIs


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