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KICD to Embed Financial Literacy into CBC

KICD to Embed Financial Literacy into CBC

Even as grade 6 learners prepare for national examinations, plans are underway to launch a financial literacy course for junior and high school teachers in February 2023.

The programme designed by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) and Old Mutual, a financial services company, aims to instil the ability to analyze financial resources, entrepreneurial skills that deconstruct actions that can be taken to generate more revenue, and financial skills that cover revenue and expenditure.

This course is intended to equip teachers with the skills necessary to effectively integrate financial literacy topics into the curriculum during the learning process.

Once the pilot phase is complete, the course will be available to at least 100 teachers in five counties.

In addition to scripting, editing, designing, and developing multimedia elements, the course covers piloting, monitoring, and training.

This will improve self-exploration skills that reveal self-awareness, personal values, problem-solving, critical thinking, decision-making abilities, talents, and skills.

Six months have passed since the two institutions finalized the formulation of the financial literacy standards, which specified the contextualization and conceptualization of financial literacy from a curriculum viewpoint.

Prior to this stage, an examination of integration matrices and an in-depth analysis of existing financial literacy integration were conducted to identify deficiencies.

The banking institution has invested Sh21 million in developing the financial literacy mainstreaming matrices, an online orientation course for teachers, to reach over 30 million individuals across Africa.

Arthur Oginga, the chief executive officer of the Group, states that the investment will help to generate greater prospects and value for many communities.

Oginga stated, ‘‘This initiative is right at the heart of our objective to enable Kenyans to acquire the necessary financial skills to become economically active, meet their financial goals, and drive the development goals of our country”.

Prof. Charles Ong’ondo, the chief executive officer of KICD, stated that with the continuing reforms in the education sector, the training will build learner competency, enabling an ethical and stratified society.

“As KICD, our interest is to ensure that every learner who goes through the Competency-Based Curriculum can demonstrate an awareness of resource mobilisation, specifically financial mobilisation, and prudent expenditure of that resource,’’ said Ong’ondo, who believes this will lead to sound, prudent, and financial management among learners.

The administration had implemented numerous measures to facilitate the implementation of the new curriculum.

CEO of the Teachers Service Commission, Nancy Macharia, stated that teachers must acquire 21st-century skills and abilities.

Values, community service learning, and modern challenges have been put into the curriculum with a lot of work. Macharia stated.

KICD to Embed Financial Literacy into CBC


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