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Kericho ECDE Teachers To Be Employed On Permanent Terms

Kericho ECDE Teachers To Be Employed On Permanent Terms

Kericho County Early Childhood Development Education teachers will soon be smiling their way to the bank after receiving long-awaited confirmation of their terms to Permanent and pensionable (PNP).

The County Governor, Eric Mutai, made the news and informed the ECDE teachers that the County government had commenced steps to ensure the teachers were promoted and received a wage raise.

Dr. Mutai further stated that the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) has explicitly stated how much money teachers should earn based on their various levels of education and that counties are expected to execute this for all of their instructors.

“I have put in the supplementary budget of Sh 125 million required to confirm all teachers on permanent and pensionable terms.”

“We are only waiting for it to be taken to the County Assembly for approval and in the next few months, we will confirm all our ECDE teachers on permanent and pensionable terms,” reiterated Dr. Mutai.

The governor also persuaded the teachers that his government would ensure that all teachers worked under favorable conditions, allowing them to do their tasks successfully and competently.

He asked the Kericho Public Service Board to develop an employment strategy and a precise employment service for ECDE teachers to ensure they are promoted to different job groups.

He said he will also hire Ward coordinators to handle ECDE.

The governor was speaking to teachers from several counties who gathered at Moi Gardens in Kericho to commemorate World Teachers’ Day.

“As we celebrate teachers, I want to state that the County government will soon issue scholarships to 3000 youth across the county to pursue skill-based courses at vocational and technical colleges. We have reserved 100 scholarships for each ward,” Dr. Mutai said.

Kericho ECDE Teachers To Be Employed On Permanent Terms


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