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Kereri Girls Student Sues 7 Teachers for Sexual Harassment

Kereri Girls Student Sues 7 Teachers for Sexual Harassment

Kereri Girls High Form 3 student has filed a lawsuit against the school, accusing many teachers of sexual assault.

In a lawsuit filed in a Nairobi court, the girl suing through her mother claimed that the institution is infamous for male teachers’ sexual abuse.

She said that nothing was done despite reporting the sexual approaches and physical abuse by teachers to the administration.

They have filed a lawsuit against the school’s principal, Teresa Atieno Otieno, and seven teachers for the claimed offenses.

She stated that the physical assault began between June 7 and June 14, 2020, when the class prefect listed her as one of the noisemakers.

She reported that a male teacher entered the classroom and utilized the list of noisemakers to spank children.

According to court documents, “I pleaded with him not to whip my palms which he dismissed and proceeded to whip me severely while telling me that I am not special”

She got bruises from the beating, and her hands were swelled, indicating she was in pain, but the school did not provide medical attention.

The kid reported that the same teacher visited her classroom the following day with hot water and offered to massage her swollen hand. She states that when he discovered her sitting alone, he made sexual approaches toward her.

“Unajua wewe ni msichana mrembo sana, nitakununulia gifts… na nikupee pesa kwa wiki ukikubali tu-have sex nataka tupate mtoi ukimaliza shule,” reads court papers.

Her mother chose to transport her to Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital, where X-rays were taken of her hand and a sling was placed.

She reported having a violent confrontation with the same teacher who smacked her across the face when he discovered her sleeping on her desk at 4 p.m. earlier this year.

The mother and daughter demand compensation for bodily and psychological misery, agony, anguish, and suffering.

She reported that a second teacher made sexual overtures toward her in the staff room during remedial classes the previous year.

“He then proceeded to place his hand on my thigh and caressed my inner thigh as he was explaining about making it in high school then he withdrew,” she said.

According to court documents, more male professors were permitted to reside in the quarters adjacent to the dormitories even though the school had other quarters on the fields that female teachers occupied.

She asserts that a male teacher used the walkway just close to the open space where the girls bathed at 4 a.m.

“He had developed a peculiar habit of aiming the beam of light from his torch towards the girls who were by the time taking a bath in the open area next the path as he walked from the teacher’s quarters,” reads court papers.

She has also made the astounding claim that this teacher was once discovered by students kissing a student near the dorms, causing dissatisfaction among the school’s female students.

The mother said that the school’s sexual misconduct and child sex exploitation were reported to the DCI in March.

Elsewhere, education officials in Nyandarua County have urged parents to prevent their children from indulging in risky sexual activity while also planning to station ambulances before the national examination.

This comes after the county identified 14 cases of candidates who were pregnant and were scheduled to take their examinations in early December.

Walter Ngaira, the vice-county commissioner of Nyandarua North and chairman of the sub-county education committee, lamented this alarming trend and urged parents to instill in their children excellent manners and emphasize the value of education.

“We have the challenge of early pregnancy in this Sub- county and the trend is worrying. As we are speaking, the form four exams will start in December and already we have 14 pregnant girls in various schools.

“We are worried they might give birth during the exam period thus making them miss the exams or perform poorly,” said Ngaira.

The Deputy County Commissioner stated at Ol Kalou that the issue of teen pregnancy necessitates joint efforts from all stakeholders in order to protect the girls.

“We are planning to have standby ambulances to have the expectant candidates attended to in case they go to labour while doing their exams.

“We have a class six pupil who is pregnant. Her life has been messed up because she has to drop out of school and might face stigma as she goes back to school after giving birth,” said Mariba.

He also reminded chiefs who conduct kangaroo courts in situations involving little girls that they will face the full weight of the law if they are proven to be responsible.

At least 800 school-aged females became pregnant in Nyandarua County in 2020. According to the report published by the National Council on Population and Development (NCPD), the girls ranged in age from 10 to 19 years.

Kereri Girls Student Sues 7 Teachers for Sexual Harassment


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